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The Goldston Family of Goldston, NC.

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Goldston Family History
by Herbert J. Goldston

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Goldston Family Reunion 2002

African American Goldstons of Southeastern Tennessee (with roots in North Carolina)



The Goldston Family of Chatham County, North Carolina

Copied from script by Herbert J. Goldston written 1950


The first reunion of the Goldston Family, descendants of the original William Goldston who lived and died in Chatham County 1808, was held in Goldston, N. C. July 23, 1950.This meeting was planned by Aubrey F. Goldston (B 1890), a descendant of this family.At this meeting, George E. Rives (pronounced REEVES), a relative of the wife of Joseph John Goldston (B 1800 D 1874) and a long time resident of Goldston, NC, furnished a history, mostly from memory and personal knowledge, of the heads of the families back to Joseph John Goldston and a son of the original William Goldston.Real estate records and wills, etc., confirm this.


The writer, another historian of the family, Herbert J. Goldston (B 1897) of Sanford, N.C, also finds recorded there the will of the above William Goldston dated 1808 and in it he names the younger children:William Goldston, Jr., George Washington Goldston, Joseph John Goldston (B 1776) and his sons-in-law, George Williamson and Mial Ramsey, executors to his will. As to where there were any older children in this family I have not established.Since there is about 19 years difference in the older son Thomas’s age than the younger one’s ages, he may have been married twice.


I have not as yet found any record of his birth or any record of first wife, if any.However, in a real estate deed in 1796, his wife “Sarah” joined in signing the deed.This of course would be the mother of the younger children if not the older ones. She is listed in the Federal Census of 1810 from Chatham County, NC, as Sarah Rosser Goldston.Among the early records of Chatham County, NC, August Court 1778 shows among the Captains of the Militia was “William Goldston”.Colonial Records, Volume # 22, page 223, William Goldston wrote Col. David Fanning “Hope you and yours will not interrupt any of the inhabitants of Chatham County until matters are further settled”.Year of 1782.


Also, there are other references in these records pertaining to William and Charles Goldston.In the Archives of History in Raleigh, NC, pertaining to the Revolutionary War Records, there is also in Book G. O. 147 list from Chatham County, page 47, William Goldston, Lt. Col., among the field officers.Also there are 3 vouchers from the State of NC, Hillsborough District, Auditor’s Office:first one is dated April 26, 1781 # 294 that William Goldston allow the sum of Six Hundred Ninety Seven Pounds, Ten Shillings; # 4970 dated October 1, 1783, allows Fifty Pounds, Twelve Shillings and Six-pence.Also in the archives in Raleigh, NC, in the real estate entries of Chatham County dated October 29, 1778, William Goldston inters his claim # 450 for 640 acres, # 451 for 400 acres and # 452 for 400 acres.This land is located adjoining and on the south side of Rocky River also Bear Creek, being to south and Tick Creek to the north, at Greens Mill and known as the Beaumont Place.On this land is where William Goldston lived and died.He is assumed buried in an old graveyard about 300 yards south of the Pittsboro-Bear Creek Highway and from where the old large building was located.His grave has an old stone marker “W.G. Died 1808”.Also, in 1783, located on Fall Creek, the southwest corner of Chatham County, NC, grant 100 acres, grant 200 acres.There were many real estate transactions after this by him until 1806, this deed being recorded in 1810 after his death.


After giving you his ancestors, I will write something on the origin of the Goldston Family in this and other states.


I will now give you his descendants as complete as I have been able to obtain, from 1950 to 1955.There may be a few who have been born or passed on during this time, which I have not recorded.The purpose of this history is to perpetuate the names of all our ancestors as far back as can be ascertained now and to leave behind us for the rising generations to follow.





2 G 6 CJoseph John Goldston (B 10/18/1800 D 9/23/1874), married Martha K. Rives B 3/10/1806 D 9/23/1884, daughter of Edward Rives and Mary Ann Alston, daughter of William Alston.Edward Rives was sheriff of Chatham County at one time and his wife’s father was clerk of court of Chatham County the Revolutionary War.Joseph John Goldston and his wife lived and are buried on their farm on Bear Creek 1 mile north of Goldston.


2 G 1, 2, & 3 children, Mial Ramsey and George Williamson, son-in-laws of the original William Goldston and the following Thomas children, his son, named in the original William Goldston’s Will, were the older children of the family.No record of the 2 sons-in-law’s families.The four younger children of the family being:George Washington Goldston, William Goldston, Joseph John Goldston and Elizabeth Goldston.Families described as follows:


2 G 2 CThomas Goldston, born 1776 died 1840 married 2/27/1808 to Liddie Waddle.They lived and died and he is buried (with stone marker) on his farm given to him by his father, William Goldston, the year of their marriage.This farm is in the southeast corner of Randolph County on Deep River.It is near the Chatham County line and a part of or near to the land where his Uncle Charles Goldston first settled in this part of the country.7 Children:


3 G 1 CMary Goldston married John Barber, no record of this family.


3 G 2 CSally Goldston married 8/4/1835 to Alfred Brower of Brower’s Mill, Randolph County, NC.


3 G 3 CWincy Goldston married 9/26/1836 to Alexander Crump, Anson County, NC.

All the other children listed as being under legal age.


3 G 4 CWilliam Goldstonwas living on farm adjoining his mother’s when she died around the year of 1870.No record of marriage or his family.


3 G 5 C Elizabeth Goldston, born 1827, died 1879, married 1/19/1846 to Atlas Rush.(The following information and history of this family is written by Mr. R. C. Rush, Sr., a member of this family who is now living in Sanford.He has been an active member and Secretary-Treasurer of the Steele St. Methodist Church for 25 years).


The above Elizabeth and Atlas Rush spent their entire wedded life in Southern Montgomery County; first few years of their early married life on the Luther Plantation located on the head waters of Dry Creek about two miles west of the home place of Benjamin and Lucretia Rush, his parents.After the death of Lucretia (mother of Atlas) which occurred in 1853, Atlas and Elizabeth moved to the old home and spent the balance of their life taking care of Benjamin, father of Atlas, who was overcome by blindness a few years prior to his death in 1860.


The old home was nicely furnished for the time.An inventory of the estate was made at the sale in 1860 at the division of the personal property shortly after the death of Benjamin.The Rush family owned a few slaves but they were favored with the faculty of seeing the end of this despicable custom.Atlas was not the owner of any slaves or no record of ownership.Benjamin, his father, sold his slaves about 1851 according to an inventory of a deposition in other old papers of the family.


In culture and refinement know that Atlas and Elizabeth were equals of their neighbors in their home region, and in morals and manners they were at ease with acquaintances of their region and their words and customs rules of their day.Their country home by the “Big Road” was a gathering place for many years: post office, meeting place for the neighborhood where gossip and other news could be had at first hand.Atlas was a member of the County Board of Commissioners of Montgomery County for many years.He had a pet saddle horse known as his Mason pony.Atlas was a member of the Blackmer Lodge # 127-AF&AM located in or near Mt. Gilead.


Elizabeth being called by the Divine Master to rest several years ahead of Atlas, lived a span of 32 years.While many have lost their vivid memory of this couple over the years, others have told me the beauty and personality of Elizabeth, friends who have long since gone to rest have told of the striking resemblance to Elizabeth.Mr. & Mrs. Thurmond J. Allred, Norman, NC, have a good picture of Atlas and Elizabeth Rush which came to them from their mother, Mrs. J. T. Allred who died in 1948.



Atlas and Elizabeth have left a fine example to be governed by, and in a period of time which has changed the record of history:the abolition of slavery, advent of railroads which has developed the far reaches of our highly favored land and brought the hard surface roads which revolutionized our mode of living.Also, you have left two generations of survivors as a whole prospering good citizens ever ready to the call of danger and many have served in the defense of our land in two of the greatest wars in history.6 children s follows:


4 G 1 C William C. Rush, b 1847 d 1943, married Miss Sallie Green, b ____d 1937. To this couple born a large family and now scattered across North Carolina, 3 boys of this group farmers and now reside near their old home.A record of this family is not available.


4 G 2 C Thomas G. Rush, b 1849, d 1896. Never married.He was a house builder from Georgia to Virginia.Said he built the original Jackson Springs Hotel, a famous place to those of past years.


4 G 3 C Benjamin F. Rush, b 1850, d 1935, married (1) Amelia Allred, b 1860 d 1902, (2) Mrs. Loula Cox b ____ d 1929.Amelia and Benjamin were the parents of five children, three girls and two boys.All reaching adulthood except one son who died in infancy 1902.Thirteen grandchildren, living in Sanford, Raleigh and Winston-Salem, each connected in some branch of commercial life.As far as we know, all are prospering.


4G 4CHenritta Rush, b ______ d 1946married James T. Allred b____ d 1933.A large family blessed their wedded life, which are widely scattered.The boys are farmers; the girls attracted to the different branches of commercial life.So far known, all are prospering.


4 G 5 C Cornelia Rush, b ______ d 1930, married to Jule B. Bowden, b _____ d 1919.To this union came a large family which survived to adulthood.This family left Montgomery County about 1896 moving to Ramseur where they resided for a year or so, afterwards moving to Greensboro.Here three surviving girls yet live, I am told. One boy is a technical executive of the Fields Plant in Fieldale, VA.Another son in school who won a Rhodes Scholarship and was drafted into the English Army and saw service in Belgium WWI.A letter not very long ago from a sister stated he maintained a residence in Greensboro but was working in Philadelphia.


4 G 6 C Miles J. Rush, b _____ d 1914, married Miss Green, b _____ d 1917.To this union born a large family but several of their children died in infancy.Survivors include three of which reside in Rockingham, NC, connected commercial life of this section; others of the same family reside in other section of the state and in commercial life.


3 G 6 CJoseph John GoldstonNo record of he or his family, if any.He must have been around 12 years old when his father died.He could have been the one that his aunt from Randolph County carried west to Texas as mentioned in the history of the Goldstons from the west by Walter Lynn Goldston, Houston, Texas, when he attended the 2nd reunion of the Goldston Family in 1952.Or, since his age would seem a little older, it is possible that he would have had a son or his brother William that could have been him instead.There must be some descendants of these two brothers still living and is possible they are out west since, so far, I have found no record of them here in NC.It is further possible that one of these brothers had a son named James Stancell Goldston, referred to in a letter to me dated September 14, 1952, from Mrs. Rose Goldston of Leaksville, NC, giving the history of her husband’s family that the above “James Stancell Goldston was from Chatham County, NC.His parents must have died while he was very young, because he was reared by a Mr. Jack Goldston (this being Joseph John Goldston, born 1800 and lived on Bear Creek 1 mile north of Goldston being the brother of Thomas Goldston b 1776 d 1840 of Randolph County who was the father of these two brothers, William and Joseph John.)While yet a young man, he went into the service of the Civil War.He was born Sept. 14, 1846.He married Patience Elmyre of Montgomery County, NC, b 1846 d 1922, in December 25, 1865 (?).They lived on a farm in this county, later they moved to Rockingham and operated a grocery store there.Later they went to Hamlet and operated a hotel.After moving from Hamlet they went to Concord until his death by Typhoid Fever in 1894.There are descendants of his family still living in Concord, Kannapolis and Leaksville.”This information is being mentioned to you in that somebody, somewhere, who would know more about connections of these families and if so would appreciate the information.

3 G 7 C Lydia Ann Goldston b 11/9/1832 d 1/12/1898 m 12/11/1849 to Benton Burns of Wadesboro, NC.They lived and are buried there in Eastview Cemetery.He was a cotton merchant and ran a hotel there.5 children:



4 G 1 CMattie Burns married George Horton, they one time lived in Lee County around Sanford.

4 G 2 CCharlie Burns lived in Wadesboro.

4 G 3 CSally Burns, lived in Wadesboro.

4 G 4 CHattie Burns lived in Wadesboro.

4 G 5 CScrap Burns, married Dr. John Battle.Their home is about 2 ½ miles out of Greensboro on Randleman Road.(Formerly with Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Co.)



In marriage bonds of Randolph County, NC, a Polly Goldston married 11/7/1825, to Peter Winfield.If this was the daughter of the above Thomas Goldston, since she was not mentioned in his will, she may have died before he made his will.If anyone has any record of this family, please advise.Since writing the above information, I have found there was a John Gholson who died in 1810, living in Franklin County, NC, and among his children was Polly Goldston who I believe was the above person married in Randolph County as she would have been around 20 years of age.



2 G 4 C George Washington Goldston born 1796 died 1863 lived and died on his farm 1 mile east of Ore Hill now known as Dr. Hanner place, buried in the Goldston Graveyard on this place.He bought and sold considerable real estate.He, with Samuel Siler, owned about 700 acres and he conveyed ½ interest to Samuel Siler in 1850.In Siler City the land east of Greensboro Street was embraced in that tract of land.He married May 23, 1821, Margaret L. Palmer.Her father was Dr. Robert Palmer of Gulf, NC, 2ndwife 1850.Elizabeth Ramsey (widow of Joseph Ramsey),no children.Seven children by first wife mentioned in his will as follows:


3 G 1 CAnn P. Goldston married Dr. John C. Hanner.1 child, Anna Mary Born 1847 died 1852.No record of other children

3 G 2C Robert W. Goldston died before his father from injuries while engaged in the Civil War.He owned and operated a large farm and store across Deep River from High Falls in Moore County.He also owned and operated a gold mine 1 mile southwest of Hemp, now Robbins.He married Louisa Cagle of Moore County.They had no children.Their old home still stands on the above gold mine land and they are buried down from the house, no markers.

3 G 3 CGeorge Washington Irving Goldston, born 8/1/1830, died 3/29/1863.Married 2/19/1856 to Harriet Johnson who was born Fayetteville, NC, (where Highsmith Hospital now stands).He served in the Civil War.Their home still stands in Fayetteville (Haymount section) and is owned and occupied by their granddaughter, Ellen Pate Stevens, 1427 Raeford Road.

Their children are as follows:


4 G 1 CCora Alma Goldstonb 12/13/1856 d 9/16/1904 married 10/10/1878 to Stephen G. Vaughn, Cumberland County.


5 G 1 CCora Goldston Vaughn b 12/20/1880 marriedDonald Seymore of Sanford 10/10/1900.Eight children as follows:


6 G 1 CLouise Seymore b 9/19/1901

6 G 2 CStephen David Seymore b 5/18/1904

6 G 3 CDonald Mason Seymore b August, 1908

6 G 4 CJohn Robert Seymore b 3/11/1911

6 G 5 CGeorge Goldston Seymore

6 G 6 CCora Francis Seymore, b7/17/1914

6 G 7 CMary Vaughn Seymore b 4/5/1916

`6 G 8 CNancy Seymore b ________


4 G 2 CMargaret LeRoy Goldston, b 6/17/1859 d 4/24/1883 m Dr. J. L. McKay, 3/14/1874, Bladen County, 3 children




5 G 1 CNettie Goldston McKay b 7/27/1875 d 9/18/1875, infant.

5 G 2 CCharlie Hill Mckay b 2/1/1878 d 10/10/1878 infant

5 G 3 CIrving Bascum McKay b 3/18/1879, no record of family


4 G 3 CHattie Erving Goldston b 12/24/1862 d 9/8/1942 m 8/18/1878 to Alfred Jackson Pate, Cumberland County.5 children:


5 G 1 CMinnie Goldston Pate b 3/19/1880 m James Frye, Ohio, 10/3/1925, no children

5 G 2 CMargaret Estelle Pate b 9/18/1882 m E. W. Stewart, Nash County 6/12/1913, 1 child.

6 G 1 CE. W. Steward II, b 5/26/1914 m 8/30/1937 to Nora Bateman, Plymouth, NC, 1 child.

7 G 1 CE. W. Stewart, III, b 9/16/1942.


5 G 3 CCora Ellen Pate b 2/11/1885, m George Booker Stevens, Charleston, W. Va. 6/16/1921, living 1437 Raeford Rd., Fayetteville, NC, no children.

5 G 4 CGeorge LeRoy Pate b 9/8/1887 d 9/9/1929, never married.

5 G 5 CLeonidas Pate b 6/20/1891 d 6/24/1920, never married.


3 G 4 CMargaret E. Goldston4/17/1833 d 3/29/1910 m O. S. Hanner, no record of family.

3 G 5 CCharles C. Goldston never married, fought in Civil War.

3 G 6 CMary Deamis Goldston (1st marriage William J. Headen.2 nd husband, Mr. Dark, father of R. W. Dark of Siler City who was county commissioner of that county for 20 years, died 1953.

3 G 7 CMarian Alston Goldston b 3/27/1840 d 7/22/1919 married Dr. Hogan of Chapel Hill, NC, b 1834 d 1892, both buried in Chapel Hill Cemetery.Know of 2 daughters:

4 G 1 CLeta Huntington Hogan b 1871 d 1877.

4 G 2 CStella Hogan married Rev. Currie, lived in Chapel Hill and afterwards moved to Tennessee where both lived and died.No record of this family.


2 G 5 C William Goldston II (son of the original William Goldston born around 1794).Only record is where he was deeded his part of his father’s estate around 1817, according to the will left by his father when he became of legal age.Short time afterwards he deeded this to the John Harris.Records show of the War of 1812 that he served in this war, possibly as a musician.It is possible he moved to Tennessee east of Nasahville where his Uncle Charles Goldston’s family lived and possibly might have fought in the War of 1812 under Andrew Jackson which also was near his homeplace.We would appreciate any additional information anyone could give us on him or his family.


2 G 6 C Joseph John Goldston (b Oct. 18, 1800, d 9/23/1874) married Martha K. Rives(pronounced Reeves) b 3/10/1806 d 1/5/1884, daughter of Edward Rives and Mary Ann Alston, daughter of William Alston.Edward Rives was sheriff of Chatham County at one time and his wife’s father was Clerk of Court of Chatham County during the Revolutionary War. Joseph John Goldston, Sr., and his wife buried on their farm on Bear Creek, 1 mile north of Goldston, NC.6 children as follows:


3 G 1 CWilliam Edward Goldston b 1822 d 1846, drowned while swimming in Bear Creek.Buried in the Goldston Cemetery near where he drowned.Never married.(See Map attached.)

3 G 2 CJoseph John Goldston II, b 1825 d 1913, married twice, Eliza Lawrence Watson b 1835 d 1884 4/24/1855, m 2nd Virginia R. Bynum, b 1849 d 1926, 1 child died in infancy born 1890.He formerly owned the land on which most of the town of Goldston is built.He donated the land on which the depot was built and also the land which the Methodist Church was built and the old parsonage.He was largely responsible in having the depot and post office established there; hence, the town was named in honor of him.He is buried in the graveyard at the Goldston Methodist Church beside his 1st and 2nd wives.Their homeplace is 1 mile west of Goldston, NC, where they lived and died.7 children by first wife as follows:


4 G 1 CEmma Elizabeth Goldston, b 6/12/1856 d 1/12/1917 m Thomas W. Moses b 1855 d 1904, lived and died at Goldston, NC.5 children:





5 G 1 CSallie Lawrence Moses b 1880 d 1951, married Joseph Daniel Johnson, lived in Goldston, NC, 9 children:

6 G 1 CEmma Jane Johnson b 11/27/1903, m Aubrey Eugene While, was mayor of Sanford, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 CSophia Ann White, m Joseph D. Huffstetler, 2 children

8 G 1 C Eugenia, b 11/3/1934

8 G 2 CDeborah b 9/10/1949

6 G 2 CMildred b 9/29/1905, m Dewitt Reid Moses, b 11/11/1898, lived 316 N. Steele St., Sanford, NC, 1 child”

7 G 1 CSarah Jo b 3/3/1939

6 G 3 CHubert b 3/20/1908, m Mary Lee Edwards, 2 children:

7 G 1 CHellen Joyce, b 7/21/1939

7 G 2 CJoseph Lee, b 5/18/1942

6 G 4 CThomas Moses b 8/24/1909, m Geraldine Frances Riggsbee, 3 children

7 G 1 CMary Francis, b 6/28/1940

7 G 2 CThomas Moses, Jr., 10/24/1942

7 G 3 CSallie Malinda b 7/16/1949

6 G 5 CReba Elizabeth b 9/5/1912, m Samuel Cheek, present mayor of Goldston, NC.2 children:

7 G 1 C Rebecca Elizabeth b 3/20/1940

7 G 2 CSamuel Johnson b 6/14/1942

6 G 6 CEva Lee b 9/16/1914, m Carl Grand Butler, lived in Pittsboro, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 CCarla Ann b 8/27/1943

6 G 7 CWilbur Lawrence b 8/27/1917, m Dorothy M. Kirkman, b _____, live 1501 Brooks Ave., Raleigh, NC

6 G 8 CMary Josephine, b 4/7/1920, m Carl McLeod Myers, b ____ live Candor, NC 2 children:

7 G 1 CSally Agatha b 1/14/1950

7 G 2 CPatrice b 10/17/1953

6 G 9 CObed Quay b 3/5/1923, m Beverly Josephine Franks b ____

live 1307 Mayfair, Raleigh, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 CBarbara Sue b 5/15/1952

7 G2 CBarry d April, 1954, infant.


5 G 2 CEliza ________ Moses b May 9, 1884, m Fred Burns, b ______ d ______ lived in Goldston, NC, and buried there, 6 children:

6 G 1 C Mary Fola Burnsm Woodow McInnis, lived in Candor, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C John William

6 G 2 C Azile Burns m Harry Z. Mack, Rt. 3, Lexington, NC. 1 child:

7 G 1 C Freddie Lou

6 G 3 CEmily Catherine Burns m Peter D. Vallas, 22 Colonial Ave., Pitman, NJ, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Robert Burns

6 G 4 C Frances Olivia Burns,

6 G 5 C Ena Burns

6 G 6 C Thomas Addison Burns

5 G 3 CObed William Moses, b 10/7/1894, m Maud Moses, b 8/28/1900, lived Rt. #3 Pittsboro, NC.4 children:

6 G 1 C Imogene Bynum Moses, b May 1, 1927, m Bill Cockrane (b 1927, d 1952, Mt. Airy, NC

6 G 2 CThomas William Moses, b April 23, 1929, single.

6 G 3 C Mary Alice Moses b April 6, 1931, single.

6 G 4 C Jerry Moses, b January 12, 1942




5 G 4 CMary Moses, b Feb. 3, 1897, m Albert W. Goldston, 3 children given under John W. Goldston family.

4 G 2 CSallie Sank Goldston, b May 27, 1858, d _________, m Dr. W. M. Burns, b7/7/1853, d 9/21/1927, lived in Goldston, NC.3 children:

5 G 1 CWilliam Loomis Burns, m Josephine Kelley, Greensboro, NC, 1 child:

6 G 1 C William Loomis Burns, Jr.

5 G 2 C Dr. Eugene Burns, b _______ , m Louise Morris, lived Concord, NC, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Jane Burns, b _______

5 G3 CPhillip burns, b_____ L Goldston, NC.


4 G 3 CJohn William Goldston b 8/22/1860 d 9/14/1948 m Annie Lillian McPherson, b 2/9/1864 d 5/18/1938, daughter of Eugenia Watson McPherson and John W. McPherson b 3/23/1842 d 10/13/1923, lived in Goldston, NC, 12 children:

5 G 1 CGenie Goldston, b 3/16/1884, m Tom B. Burke, b 5/21/1875 d 1/19/1939, lived in Goldston, NC, 8 children

6 G 1 C Annie Burke, b 8/18/1902, m Clarence Gilmore Siler City, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Betty Gilmore, b _____, m Ray Johnson, b _____, live in Goldston, NC

7 G 2 C Glenn Gilmore b _____, m Betty ________, b ________ .


6 G 2 C Ben Burke, b 7/10/1904, single, live Goldston, NC.

6 G 3 C Eugene Burke, b 8/9/1907, m Mildred Pendergrass b _______ lived in Siler City, NC, 3 children:

7 G 1 C Tommy Burke, b 11/24/_____

7 G 2 C Ann Burke, b _______

7 G 3 C Sarah Burke, b 11/10/1940

6 G 4 C Aubrey Burke , b 4/24/1909, 1 year Air force Service WWII, m Carmen Vernon b _______, live Charlotte, NC, 3 children:

7 G 1 C Tommy Burke b ______

7 G 2 C Vernon Burke b ______

7 G 3 C Nancy Burke b ______

6 G 5 C Wilson Burke, b 10/22/1912, m Lida Frances Dark (b 8/16/1913), no children.

6 G 6 C Loomis Talmage Burke, b 11/26/1915, m Esther Horne (b ____) live in Goldston, NC, 3 ½ years military service, 1 ½ foreign service WWII, no children.

6 G 7 C Elizabeth Burke, b 10/23/1917, m Robert Edd Horton, (b ____), lived Zebulon, NC, 1 child:

7G 1 CMartha Horton, b 11/27/1952

6 G 8 C Virginia Burke, b 10/20/1929, m Frank Womble, ( _______, live in Pittsboro, NC, no children.

5 G 2 CAllie Goldston, b 9/11/1887, d 10/30/1952, m Frank Cleve Johnson b 1884,d 2/11/1928, lived Goldston, NC, 5 children

6 G 1 C Audrey Johnson, b 5/12/1909, m Talmadge Johnson b 7/24/1906, live Rt. 4, Sanford, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Jerry Johnson, b 4/14/1948

6 G 2 C Louise Johnson, b 5/9/1912, d 1928

6 G 3 C Ruth Johnson, b 5/17/1921, m Cayce Hilliard, b ____, live Goldston, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Katherine Ann Hilliard, b 6/8/1951

7 G 2 C Barbara Jean Hilliard, b 1954.

6 G 4 C Mary Lillian Johnson, b 6/30/___, m Sidney Rodnick b ______, live Brooklyn, NY.




7 G 1 C Marty Rodnick, b _______

7 G 2 C Helene Rodnick, b _______

6 G 5 C Hazel Johnson, b ________, m Charles Shoemaker, b ______, live Burlington, NC.2 children:

7 G 1 C Charles Shoemaker, Jr., b ______

7 G 2 C Nancy Shoemaker, b ________

5 G 3 CLessie Goldston, b 4/28/1889, m Numa Reid Bright, b 4/4/1886, d 12/1/1953, live Rt. 4, Sanford, NC, 4 children:

6 G 1 C John Reid Bright, b 10/11/1923, m Lenora Johnson, b 7/26/1930, live Rt. 4, Sanford, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Larry Reid Bright, b 3/19/1950

7 G 2 C John Numa Bright, b 11/9/1951

6 G 2 C Walter Pugh Bright, b 10/3/1925, WWII Army Military service 23 months, 18 months overseas, m Joanna Lyons, b 1/28/1934, live Rt. 4, Sanford, NC, no children.

6 G 3 C Wade Robert Bright , b 10/3/1925, single, live Sanford, NC

6 G 4 C Paul Goldston Bright, b 7/7/1929, single, life Rt. 4, Sanford, NC

5 G 4 CEtta Goldston, b 11/25/1891, m Henry A. Burke, b _____ d _____, live Hillsboro Road, Raleigh, NC, 7 children:

6 G 1 CNannie Mae Burke, b 8/29/1911, m Howard Singletary, b 3/16/1909, live Raleigh, NC,1 child:

7 G 1 C Howard Singletary, Jr., b 8/21/42

6 G 2 C J. Edwin Burke, b 12/3/1912, m Ellen Dale Todd, b 10/6/1923, live Western Blvd., Raleigh, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Etta Dianne Burke, b 5/26/1948

6 G 3 C William Burke, b 6/10/1918, m Margie Black, b 6/4/1918, live 709 Powell Drive, Raleigh, NC, 1child:

7 G 1 C Judith Burke, b 11/29/1950

6 G 4 C Paul Burke, b 5/14/1916, 4 years Military Service WWII, m Margie Mann, b 1/18/1926, live Powell Drive, Raleigh, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Nancy Burke, b 5/5/51

6 G 5 C Mildred Burke, b 4/19/1914, m Ray Atkinson, b 8/11/1911, live Clayton, NC.

6 G 6 C John Burke, b 10/2/1920, 3 yrs military service, 6 months foreign service,WWII, m Peggy ________, b ______, live Hillsboro Rd, Raleigh, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C John Burke, Jr., b _________

6 G 7 C Fred Allen Burke, b 1/18/26, m Janet _______, b 10/2/1931,23 months military service WWII, 8 months foreign service, 2 children:

7G1 CFred Allen Burke, Jr., b 3/23/1952

7 G 2 C Lu Ann Burke, b 7/28/1955

5 G 5 CAlbert W. Goldston, b 7/30/1893, m Mary Moses, b 2/3/1897, lived Goldston, NC, 3 children:

6 G 1 C Kathleen Goldston, b 4/18/1921, m Roy Stout, b _____, live Goldston, NC, no children.

6 G 2 C Talmage Goldston, b 3/15/1923, m Mildred Dewar, b _____, live Goldston, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Mildred Ann Goldston, b 1/8/1946,

7 G 2 C Gayle Goldston, b 9/22/1948

7 G 3 CInfant Goldston, born and died July, 1953

6 G 3 CEarl William Goldston, b 10/13/1925, m Blanche Olive, b Sept. ______, live Goldston, NC, 3 children:

7 G 1 C Earl William (Bill) Goldston, Jr., b 1/13/1948

7 G 2 C Beth Alison Goldston, b 11/28/1952

7 G 3 C Albert Bryan Goldston, b 6/27/55





5 G 6 C Thomas W. Goldston, b 10/11/1895, WWI 1 ½ years, 6 months overseas, m Summa Barber, b ______, live Vanderbilt Ave., Raleigh, NC, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Thomas Warren Goldston, b 9/9/1925, m Marie Leverette, b _______, live Vanderbilt Ave., Raleigh, NC 1 child:

7 G 1 C Thomas Forrest Goldston, b 11/23/1949

6 G 2 C Emeline Goldston, b 2/4/1929, single, live Raleigh, NC

5 G 7 CHerbert James Goldston, b 11/6/1897, m Elizabeth Womble, b 9/20/1915, live 538 Sunset Drive, Sanford, NC, one of the Twin Land Auctioneers.2 children:

6 G 1 C Herbert Goldston, Jr. b 1/23/1943

6 G 2 C Jean Elizabeth, b 1/11/1949

5 G 8 CJohn William Goldston, Jr.,b 11/6/1897, m Ruth Anderson, b ______, live 202 Hillcrest Drive, Sanford, NC, one of the Goldston Twin Land Auctioneers, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Linda Goldston, b 8/29/1948

5 G 9 CBeaulah Goldston,b 6/6/1900, m Meader W. Harriss, b ______, live 504 Sunset Drive, Sanford, NC, 3 children:

6 G 1 C Lillian Harriss, b 11/28/1919, single

6 G 2 C M. W. Harriss, Jr., b 12/2/1921, m Blanna Brower, b ______, live 708 Fitts St., Sanford, NC, 3 children:

7 G 1 C William Lee Harriss, b 6/5/51

7 G 2 C John Gregory Harriss, b 1953, d 1953 infant.

7 G 3 C Michie Kathleen Harriss, b 7/25/1954

6 G 2 C Jean Walford Goldston, b _________, m Mack Don Dillport, b _____

live Stuttgart, Ark., 1 child:

7 G 1 C Sandra Dillport, b ________.

4 G 5 CWalter Lee Goldston, b 6/13/1868, d 6/9/1928, m Vallie Gilmore on 5/21/1890, b 6/29/1871, d 11/27/1938, lived at his home west of Goldston, NC, adjoining his father, Joseph John Goldston, 10 children:

5 G 1 CEmma Lee Goldston, b 6/30/1892, m Nicholas Edward Batchelor, Sr., 5/21/1913, b 9/25/1877, d 6/9/1936, 2nd marriage Clarence C. Steppe 7/4/1942, b 3/10/1886, 5 years military service WWI, lived _________, 3 children by first marriage:

6 G 1 C Nicholas Edward Batchelor, Jr., b 3/5/1913, m Christine Stroupe on 9/1/1933, b 9/4/1913, 4 years military service overseas WWII, lived __________, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Walter Lee Batchelor, b 3/2/1935

6 G 2 C Lee Goldston Batchelor, b 9/17/1916, m Eugenia Elizabeth Goodrich, b ______, live ________

6 G 3 C Jack Cleo Batchelor, b 9/6/1921, m Franca Daddi (Italy) 9/14/46. b 7/17/1929, 6 years military service, 5 years Foreign Service, Italy, WWII, lived _____________, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Emma Christine Batchelor, b ______1948.

5 G 2 C Walter Leon Goldston, b 3/23/1894, m Iris Tabor in 1926, b 12/2/1900, 2 years military service WWI, lieutenant, live Houston, TX, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Nancy Goldston, b 12/9/1936

6 G 2 CPatty Goldston, b 8/3/1939

5 G 3 CGrace Truman Goldston, b 2/3/1896, m Percy Owen Barber 4/24/1920, b 1/11/1894, served in U. S. Navy WWI

6 G 1 C Elizabeth Anne Barber, b 6/1/1921, m John A. Lennon 9/12/1944, b 7/22/1911, Air Force Captain 3 ½ years WWII, live _____________, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Barbara Anne Lennon, b 12/19/1947

7 G 2 C John Lennon, Jr., b 1/14/1950

6 G 2 C Martha Jeanne Barber, b 9/4/1926, m Harold Harding Keith 4/10/1948, b 3/4/1920, lived ___________, 1 child:

7G 1 CHunt Harding Keith, b 4/9/1951





5 G 4 CStena Kate Goldston, b 7/25/1898, m Dougald Exall, b 4/1894, divorced 1931, 1 child, m E. Newman Benson 12/28/1950, b 12/15/1892, 2 years Military Service overseas.+

6 G 1 C Ivey Exall, b 8/27/1924 d 3/17/1930.

5 G 5 CNell Dena Goldston, b 2/12/1901, d _______, m Henry Clem Moore, 2/3/1923, b 3/5/1898, d July, 1953, live Reidsville, NC, 3 children:

6 G 3 C Dorothy Harriss, b 4/22/1924, m Edwin Neal Brower, Jr., b ______, live Hope Mills, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Rebecca Ann Brower, b 12/2/1952

7 G 2 C Edwin Neal Bower, III, born March, 1954.


5 G 10 CMoody Goldston, b 1/19/1901, d 3/20/1902

5 G 11 CWalter H. Goldston, born April, 1904, m Irene Brewer, b 4/15/1910, live Goldston, NC, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Frances Goldston, b 12/8/1928, m Ferry Barber, Jr., b 4/26/1928, live Goldston, NC.

6 G 2 C John Walter Goldston, b 4/7/1930, m Margie Poe, b 11/17/1930, live Goldston, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Michael Goldston, b 12/4/1950

7 G 2 C Garry Goldston, b 7/22/1952.

5 G 12 CMargaret Goldston, b 4/21/1906, m Keiffer Ivey, b 5/26/1909, live 121 35th St., Newport News, VA, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Tommy Ivey, b 3/15/1942

4 G 4 CJames Edward Goldston, b 1/26/1865, d _______, m Mollie Gilmoe, b 5/12/1869, live Goldston, NC 7 children:

5 G 1 CAubra F. Goldston, b 5/19/1890, m Etta Burns, b _____, live Lake Waccamaw, NC, 3 children:

6 G 1 C Fred Goldston, b 3/18/1914, married twice, 1st Dorothy Lamberth, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Fred Goldston, Jr., b 1943, live Pine Bush, NY

2nd Marriage to Bettie Jane Milisson of Columbus, Ohio, live Lake Waccamaw, NC.

6 G 2 C Burns Goldston, 4/1/1916, m Pauline Chauncey, b _____, live Lake Waccamaw, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Burns Goldston, Jr., b 9/29/1948

6 G 3 C Frances Arline Goldston, b 8/14/1923, m Morris Eddie Merritt, b _____, live ________, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Morris Merritt, Jr., b 8/22/1948

5 G 2 CEthel Goldston, b 1/24/1892, m A. B. Womble, b______, d _______, live Goldston, NC, m Lonnie P. Horne, b ______.

6 G 1 C Helen Womble, b ______, m Fulton Freddie McSwain, b _____, live Hamlet, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Helen Jean McSwain, b _______

7 G 2 C Freddie McSwain, Jr., born ________

6 G 2 CJack Womble, born about 1927,lived at White Lake, NC(I, Allan Goldston, used to run with Jack, he was about my age or maybe a year or so older.We both liked to have our booze, but it made Jack sick and when he was in his late twenties, he got to where he couldn’t walk.I don’t think he ever married.He finally died of alcohol poisoning.His parents must have died young, because Jack and his brother Harry were raised by Uncle Hugh Goldston.Harry really ran Goldston’s Beach, White Lake, NC, and he kept everything straight except for his brother Jack… and he did everything he could to help Jack)

6 G 3 C Harry Goldston Womble, born about 1925, m Johnnie Averett, live White Lake, NC., 2 children:

7 G 1 C Donna Lynn Womble, born _______.

7 G 2 C Harry Womble, Jr., born _________.

5 G 3 CDella Goldston, b 5/25/1894, m Arthur Teague, born _________, lived Siler City, NC, 1 child:





6 G 1 C William Goldston Teague, born ________, m Polly Blanchard, born _______, lived in Burlington, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C William Teague, Jr., born 8/14/1952.

5 G 4 CHenry Marvin Goldston, born 1896, died ________, married Rettie Turner, lived Siler City, NC, 2 children

6 G 1 C Welford Goldston, born _____, married Jane York, born ______, lived ______, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Welford Goldston, Jr.

7 G 2 C Henry Goldston

6 G 2 C Edward Goldston, married Viola Cross, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Gloria Gale Goldston



5 G 5 C James S. Goldston, b 7/23/1898, d _____, 1939, married Cora Brafford, lived Raleigh, NC, 1 child:

6 G 1 C James Goldston, Jr.

5 G 6 C Joe Baxter Goldston, born 12/23/1900, married Emma Jane Copeland, born _____, lived in Goldston, NC, 4 children:

6 G 1 C Virginia Ann Goldston, married Robert F. White, born ______, lived 2336 Barnor Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Stephen White

7 G 2 C_______ White

6 G 2 C Martha Goldston, born ______, married Bill Clifton, born _______, lived Cornwallis St., Greensboro, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 CBillie Joe Clifton, born _______

6 G 3 C J. B. Goldston, Jr., born 10/4/1928, married Lilly Beth VonCannon, born 11/18/1930, live Goldston, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1CJ. B. Goldston, III

7 G 2 C Infant, died at birth.

6 G 4 C Mary Goldston, married Walter Jourdan, lived Goldston, NC.

5 G 7 C Robert Hal Goldston, born 8/11/1902, married Myrtle Fields, lived Walnut Ridge, Ark., 2 children:

6 G 1 C Glenda May Goldston, married George Pokorny, live Elmhurst, Ill. 1 child:

6 G 1 C Henry Clam Moore, Jr., born 5/5/1924, 3 ½ years military service WWII, married Rebecca Anne Edwards, born 7/25/1923, 1 child:

7 G 1 C David Lawrence Moore, 9/7/1951

6 G 3 C Donald Leon Moore, born 7/10/1926, entered Navy 1944, served 3 years, 7 months, mustered out Ensign, 1 year overseas, recalled into Navy as Lieutenant 1/19/1951 to serve 2 years.

6 G 3 C Walter Herbert Moore, born 10/1/1928, married Marilyn Fruddy McCollum 6/2/1951, born 8/31/1927.

5 G 6 CAlton Burns Goldston, born 9/12/1904, married Fern Lasley 7/10/1930,born 9/1/1908, 3 years Military Service WWII,Captain, Medical Corp., lived in Texas, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Alton Burns Goldston, born 7/7/1934

6 G 2 C Dena Goldston, born 1/15/1940.

5 G 7 CEloise Goldston, born 7/18/1906, died 1/18/1910

5 G 8 CWilliam Jerome Goldston, born 9/7/1908, married Kathleen Hadley 8/9/1930, born 7/9/1908, lived Gas & Oil Bldg., Houston, Texas, 3 children:

6 G 1 C Gloria Ann Goldston, born 10/7/1933

6 G 2 C William Jerome Goldston, Jr., born 6/10/1937

5 G 9 CCleo Wade Goldston, (Rev.), born 12/20/1910, married Ruth Melton 11/1940, (He preached several Goldston funerals when I was young.AMG) 2 children:





6 G 1 C Bonnie Bryan Goldston, born 11/1941.

6 G 2 C Joseph Wade Goldston, born 7/1945.

5 G 10 CJoseph Clarence Goldston, born 2/28/1915, married Betty Jean Lytle 8/1/1942, born 10/4/1920, 4 ½ years Military Service WWII, C.I.C., 2 children:

6 G 1 C Connie Goldston, born 1/26/1945

6 G 2 C Anne Goldston, b 5/10/1950

4 G 6 C Thomas H. Goldston (Dr.), born 9/4/1870, died 1895.

4 G 7 CEliza Jossie Goldston, born 7/15/1876, died 11/27/1950, married Jarvis E. Rives, born 8/25/1871, died 8/23/1950, lived and died 2 miles north of Goldston, NC, ( I remember visiting their home when I was a youngster.AMG), 8 children:

5 G 1 CEliza Rives, married Walter Clark, live in Siler City, NC

5 G 2 CThomas H. Rives, married Mozelle White, Goldston, NC, 7 children:

6 G 1 C Thomas H. Rives, Jr., married Peggy Campbell

6 G 2 C Charles Eugene Rives

6 G C 3 Josephine Rives

6 G 4 C Elizabeth Rives

6 G 5 C Ruth Ellen Rives

6 G 6 C Walter Melvin Rives

6 G 7 C Francis Rives

5 G 3 CJoseph Landon Rives, born ______, married Sankie Dunn, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Joseph Landon Rives, Jr., born _____, married Ruby Faircloth, born ______, lived _______, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Donald Rives, born ______.

6 G 2 C Henry R. Rives, born ______, married _____ Faircloth, born ____. Live _____.

5 G 4 CWilma Rives, born _____, single.

5 G 5 CRobert Glenn Rives, born _____, single.

5 G 6 CHarvey Eugene Rives, born ______, single.

5 G 7 C Jarvis Edward Rives, born _______, single.

(Not all of the above could be single.Need help here.AMG)

3 G 3 C Thomas Jefferson Goldston, born 3/31/1828, died 7/19/1898, married Martha E. Guthrie, born 1828, died 1876, 9 children, then married Annie E. Guthrie, born 12/8/1836, died 1899.She was sister to his first wife, Martha.Annie was married to Edward Harris the first time, then to the above in 1883.The homeplace of Thomas Jefferson Goldston is located one mile east (this should be “west”, AMG) of Goldston on the Goldston-Pittsboro highway.He is buried in the Goldston Cemetery, Goldston, NC, and beside him his second wife is buried.His first wife is buried at the old Goldston Farm on the banks of Bear Creek.(See Map).


4 G 1 CPattie Ann Goldston, born 8/9/1852, died 4/26/1901, married George D. Frasier, born 8/18/1850, died 5/16/1923, lived in Gulf, NC (about 2 miles east of Goldston.AMG).

5 G 1 CThomas Gregory Frasier, born 2/16/1877, died 12/10/1923, married Lera Marsh, no children.

5 G2 C George McNeill Frasier, born 4/16/1879, died 7/19/1880.

5 G 3 CLizzie Pearl Frasier, born 11/18/1881, died 5/7/1896

5 G 4 CJulian Goldston Frasier, B 5/9/1885 d 1/1955, M Carolina Mattin, born _____, lived 4003 Park Ave., Richmond, VA, 3 children:


6 G 1C Julian Goldston Frasier Jr., born 8/7/1911, married Katherine Childrey,2 children:

7 G 1 C Julian Goldston Frasier, III

7 G 2 C Katherine Childrey Frasier

6 G 2 C Thomas Martin Frasier, born 10/23/1913, married Frances Buck, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Thomas Martin Frasier, Jr.,born _______.

7 G 2 C Harry Buck Frasier, born ________.




6 G 3 C Carolina Frasier, born 9/14/1921, married Russell F. McBride, 3 children:

7 G 1 C Russell F. McBride, Jr.

7 G 2 C Frasier Garewood McBride

7 G 3 CElizabeth Susan McBride

5 G 5 CFlorence Jane Frasier,born 8/21/1887, died 7/3/1889

5 G 6 CElla Grace Frasier, born 6/27/1892, married Jasper Earl Haynes, lived at Salisbury, NC., 2 children:

6 G 1 C Grace Frasier Haynes,born 4/12/1923, married Allen Page, Jr., 1 child:

7 G 1 C Margaret Ann Page, born _______.

6 G 2 C Jasper Earl Haynes, born 4/17/1931, single, U. S. Air Force

5 G 7 CGeorge Hamilton Frasier, born 7/26/1896, married Marquerite Campen, born _______, live 300 W. Weatherspoon St., Sanford, NC, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Genevieve Frasier, born 11/9/1925.Employed as Executive Clerk in Governor’s office, Raleigh, NC.

4 G 2 CMary Ruth (Mollie) Goldston, born 12/17/1854, died 1/16/1915, married Robert Alexander Murchison (born 11/23/1851, died 2/1/1936) 4/26/1877, Fayetteville, NC, 8 children:

5 G 1 CMattie Claudia Murchison, born 1878, died 1901, married Walter G. Hollingsworth, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Eugene Hollingsworth, born 1900, married Annie Martin, 3 children:

7 G 1 C Jean Murchison Hollingsworth, born ______, married Vincent Shields 1940, 2 children:

8 G 1 CJudith Ann Shields, born 1942.

8 G 2 CSusan Jean Shields, born 1947.

7 G 2 C Patricia Elizabeth Hollingsworth, born 1926, married Wade Moser 1947, 2 children:

8 G 1 CWade Moser, Jr., born 1949.

8 G 2 C Alexander Eugene Moser, born 1951.

7 G 3 C Walter Claudies Hollingsworth, born 1934.

5 G 2 C Alton Guthrie Murchison, born 1879 died 1938, married L. Mae Jackson, 1911, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Alton G. Murchison, Jr., born 1912, married Mary Rehm 1936, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Alton G. Murchison III, born 1939.

7 G 2 C Mae Gordon Murchison, born 1943.

5 G 2 C (Continued) Alton Guthrie Murchison, born 1879, died 1938, married 2nd time, Jessie Womble, 1914, 1 child:

6 G 2 C Louise Womble Murchison, born 1916, married James A. Bowers 1937, 3 children:

7 G 1 C James A. Bowers, Jr., born 1940.

7 G 2 C Lucy Wynne Bowers, born 1942.

7G 3 CKenneth Bowers, born 1946

5 G 3 CDuncan McIver Murchison, born 1882, died 1948, married Maude Shields 1908, 3 children:

6 G 1 C Ruth Claudia Murchison, born 1909, married Peter. McK. Williams, 1939.

6 G 2 C Anna Louise Murchison, born 1911, single.

6 G 3 C Helen McIver Murchison, born 1918, married Lonwood S. Evans, 3 children:

7 G 1 C Lonwood S. Evans, Jr., born 1942.

7 G 2 C John McIver Evans, born 1945.

7 G 3 C Cameron Murchison Evans, born 1949.

5 G 4 CRoderick Goldston Murchison, born 1885, married Annie Arrington, 1909, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Ellen Alice born 1914, single.

6 G 2 C Roderick G. Murchison, Jr., born 1918, married Helen Heikinin 1949, 2 children:



7 G 1 CRoderick Murchison, III, born 1950.

7 G 2 C Donald Heikinin Murchison, born 1951.

5 G 5 CDella Annie Murchison, born 1887, married Robert Earl Hayes 1905, 7 children:

6 G 1 C Robert Earl Hayes, Jr., born 1906, married Ruth Brourton 1933, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Robert Earl Hayes, III, born 1935.

6 G 2 C Alton Murchison Hayes, born 1910, married Ruth Romeo 1936, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Janice Hayes, born 1940.

6 G 3 C Edwin Roderick Hayes, born 1912, married Anita Abraham, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Edwin Roderick Hayes, Jr., born 1932.

7 G 2 C Marilyn Hayes, born 1938.

6 G 4 C Frank Duncan Hayes, born 1915, married Mary Lois Harris 1941, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Mary Susan Hayes, born 1943.

7 G 2 C Frank Duncan Hayes, Jr., born 1948.


6 G 5 C Mary Ruth Hayes, born 1920, married G. B. Fowler 1938, 2 children:

7 G 1 C G.B. Fowler, Jr., born 1938

7 G 2 C Patricia Anne Fowler, born 1942, married 2nd time Thomas Clark, no children.

6 G 6 C Charles Alexander Hayes, born 1923, married Merle Johnson 1950, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Charles A. Hayes, Jr., born 1951.

6 G 7 C Della Ditto Hayes, born 1928, married Lt. Grant Stevens.

5 G 6 CThomas Colin Murchison, born 1890, died 1936, married Genevieve Crabtree 1915, 3 children:

6 G 1 CRuth Anna Murchison, married Chester Musche, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Dorothy Elizabeth Musche, born 1941.

7 G 2 C Geraldine Musche, born 1945.

6 G 2 C Dorothy Murchison, single, died 1935.

6 G 3 C Betty Jane Murchison married Harold Stenquist, 2 children:

7 G 1 C William Stenquist, born 1945.

7 G 2 C David Stenquist, born 1951.

5 G 7 CRobert McDuffie Murchison, born 1895, married Ruth Mild 1923, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Mary Ellen Murchison, married Harry J. Haldeman, Jr., 3 children:

7 G 1 C Lynda Gayle Haldeman, born 1945.

7 G 2 C Steven Glen Haldeman, born 1947.

7 G 3 C Laurie Ann Haldeman, born 1952.

5 G 8 CMary Kate (Mae) Murchison, born 1895, married Holton Y. Ditto 1920, 2 children:

6 G 1 C William Murchison Ditto, married Ann Llewellyn, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Carol Ann Ditto, born 1950.

7 G 2 C Frances Holton Ditto, born 1952.

6 G 2 C Della Cornelia Ditto, married Richard Brantley Barnwell 10/4/1952.

4 G 3 CWillie E. Goldston, born 10/1/1857, died 10/28/1900, married Lula Frances Stuart, born 1/21/1865, died 2/24.1901, lived and died in Goldston, NC.

5 G 1 CLeta Vivian Goldston, born 2/19/1883 died 1954, married George D. Frasier (deceased), lived 211 N. Moore St., Sanford, NC, 3 children:

6 G 1 C Eugene Harold Frasier, born 8/28/1904, died 12/11/1934.

6 G 2 C George D. Frasier, Jr., born 3/14/1906 died 8/18/1906

6 G 3 C Harry Glenn Frasier, born 7/7/1907, married Maxine B. Buchanan, 2 children:7 G 1 CDavid Gregory Frasier, born 1/28/1936.

7 G 2 C Harriett Lee Frasier, born 8/29/1940.

5 G 2 CMaude May Goldston, born 5/31/1887, married Whitefield Brown East, born 4/2/1893, live 803 Lockland Ave., Winston-Salem, NC, 3 children:




6 G 1 C Whitefield Brown East, Jr., born 1/13/1921, married Doris Hilda Setzer, born 2/26/1922.

6 G 2 C William Edward East, born 4/9/1923, married Nancy Ezzell, born 1/26/1930.

6 G 3 C Elizabeth Maude East, born 12/23/1924, married Beachem Leonard, born 10/9/1923.

5 G 3 CLizzie Addie Goldston, born 7/2/1889, married George Howard Oliver, born 1/19/1887, live 410 Summitt Ave., Sanford, NC, 1 child.

6 G 1 C Vivian Ruth Oliver, born 5/11/1923.

5 G 4 CTemple Irene Goldston, born 6/2/1896, died 9/7/1897

5 G 5 CFannie Lee Goldston, born 1/28/1898, married Hunter M. Woodall, born 3/3/1896, live 1922 Sunset Drive, Raleigh, NC, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Hunter M. Woodall, Jr., born 6/14/1930.

6 G 2 C Sarah Frances Woodall, born 1/1/1932, married Malcolm Watkins.

5 G 6 CEmma Jewel Goldston, born 1/26/1900, married Kenneth Raynor Hoyle (Atty.), born 1880, died 1947., live 315 N. Gulf St., Sanford, NC, 4 children:

6 G 1 C Kenneth Raynor Hoyle, Jr., born 1/20/1922, died 6/2/1923.

6 G 2 C Nancy Elizabeth Hoyle, born 11/17/1923, died 2/7/1924.

6 G 3 C James Womble Hoyle, Atty., born 7/5/19255, married Julia Alexander, live 315 Gulf St., Sanford, NC.

6 G 4 C Kenneth Richard Hoyle, Atty., born 10/20/1926.

4 G 4 CLizzie Goldston, born 1860, died 1931, married John A. Harris, born 18___, died 1918, live near Maroney’s Church, Chatham County, NC, buried at Maroney’s Church, 7 children:

5 G 1 CThomas Henry Harris, born 2/1/1882, married Lillian Straughn, born 9/25/1884,live Rt. 3, Siler City, NC, 7 children:

6 G 1 C Mary Lizzie Harris, born 10/13/1906, married Glen C. Gilmore, born 7/1/1908, live Julian, NC, 4 children.

7 G 1 CGlen C. Gilmore, Jr., born 6/28/1927, married Lorene Staley, b 12/31/1927

7 G 2 COctavia Gilmore, born 8/18/1930.

7 G 3 C Tommie Gilmore, born 11/15/1936.

7 G 4 C Bill Gilmore, born 10/16/1937

6 G 2 C Clifton Harris, born 6/27/1909, married Ruth Ghular, 2314 Maple St., Greensboro, NC, 2 children.

7 G 1 C Clifton Darrell Harris, born 8/11/1934, married Arlene Dickerson.

7 G 2 C Larry Harris, born 7/16/1938.

6 G 3 C Allie Rose Harris, born 1/12/1912, married Loomis Moore, lived Rt.2, Bear Creek, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Victoria Moore, born 7/30,1934

7 G 2 C Carol Jean Moore, born 4/12/1946.

6 G 4 C John Henry Harris, born 1/8/1914, married Rachel Stone, live Briarwood Rd., Raleigh, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Emily Ann Harris, born 2/21/1933.

7 G 2 C John Rand Harris, 11/27/1947.

6 G 5 C Fred Wilson Harris, born 5/12/1916, married Mary Kate Johnson, live Rt. 3, Siler City, NC2 children:

7 G 1 C Larry Wilson Harris, born 4/16/1950.

7 G 2 C Phyllis Hope Harris, born 10/24/1951.

6 G 6 C Wade Harris, born 5/28/1918, married Helen Brown, born 12/19/1922, 1 child:







7 G 1 CKenneth Rodney Harris born 3/22/1949.

6 G 7 C Dr. Thomas Horton Harris, Jr., Dentist, born 5/5/1924, live Raleigh, NC.

5 G 2 CEdward Milton Harris, married Jewell Womble, live Goldston, NC, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Edward Milton Harris, Jr., married Evelyn Klein, live Goldston, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Edward Milton Harris, III.

6 G 2 CMary Lois Harris, married Frank Duncan Hayes, live Goldston, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Mary Susan Hayes

7 G 2 CFrank Duncan Hayes, Jr.


5G 3 C Joseph John Harris, born 2/19/1889, died 8/27/1948,married Georgia Elizabeth Reynolds, born 8/8/1905, live Goldston, NC, 2 children:

6 G 1 C John Reynolds Harris,born 4/29/1930

6 G 2 C William Joseph Harris, born 4/6/1932, married Mary Alice Fields.

5 G 4 CWinfred Goldston Harris, born 2/16/1890, married Jennie V. Berry, born 5/24/1896, live Apopka, FL, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Virginia Berry Harris, born 8/22/1925, married Cline McFarland Walters, born 7/20/1928, live Apopka, FL, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Cline McFarland Walters, Jr.

6 G 2 CWinfred Kathleen Harris,born 2/27/1927, married Dr. Cletus John Demary, dentist, born 11/23/1924, called “Barney”, live Jacksonville, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Cynthia Virginia Demary, born 8/23/1949.

5 G 5 CPaul Dalton Harris, born 4/17/1892, married Mallie Straughn, born 10/18/1902, live Rt. 3, Siler City, NC (near Merony’s Church), 8 children:

6 G 1 C Leon Reid Harris, born 1/14/1924, married Clara Cheek, born 8/21/1926, live 514 Hickory Ave., Sanford, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Lynn Reid Harris, born 3/13/1952.

6 G 2 C Herbert Hinson Harris, born 3/13/1925.

6 G 3 C Mildred Straughn Harris, b 4/5/1927, married Leonard B. Sheffield, Jr., 1 child:

7 G 1 C Leonard B. Sheffield III, born 1/1/1953, live 3958 Fama Drive, N.E., Atlanta, Georgia

6 G 4 C Betty Florence Harris, born 11/29/1931, married William H. Lambert, born 1/22/1926, live Rt. 1, Mt. Vernon Springs, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Ellen Kay Lambert, born January 1954.

6 G 5 C Welford Dalton Harris, born 8/22/1933.

6 G 6 C Nancy Ann Harris, born 4/8/1936.

6 G 7 C William Wayne Harris, born 7/16/1942.

6 G 8 C Linda Carol Harris, born 3/4/1944.

5 G 6 CAnnie Lizzie Harris, born 1896, died 1898.

5 G 7 CWalter Guy Harris, born 3/12/1899, married Sarah Brady, born 9/16/1901, live 307 Barker St., High Point, NC, 3 children:

6 G 1 C Walter Guy Harris, Jr., born 12/23/1926, married Nancy Alese Jones.

6 G 2 C Willie Amos Harris, born 1/5/1929.

6 G 3 C Thomas Goldston Harris, born 12/2/1930.

4 G 5 CFlorence Brooks Goldston, born 5/23/1864, died 2/2/1933married Edward Andrew Rives, born 1/2/1859, died 6/2/1935, 6 children:

5 G 1 CRobert Goldston Rives, born 8/14/1881, died 2/25/1938, married Nell Clendenien Glascock10/31/1906, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Robert Glascock Rives, born 9/20/1913, married Mildred Yost, born 12/14/1940, 2 children:




7 G 1 C Martha Nell Rives, born 9/23/1942.

7 G 2 C Robert Glascock Rives, Jr., born 4/11/1947.

5 G 2 CMary Elizabeth Rives, born 3/28/1885, married Licius L. Glascock, born 3/13/1876,died 1/31/1945, married 11/22/1905, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Elizabeth Rives, born 9/21/1906, married 10/5/1929 Franklin D. Owen, born 4/25/1903, 4 children:

7 G 1 C Franklin D. Owen, Jr., born 7/10/1930.

7 G 2 C Elizabeth Rives Owen, born 10/27/1935.

7 G 3 C Nancy Lelia Owen, born 6/17/1940.

7 G 4 C Sara Jeanne Owen, born 11/16/1949.

6 G 2 C Louis LeGrande Glascock, born 12/13/1907, married Lola Mickous, born 10/30/1908, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Gail Glascock, born 3/6/1935.

7 G 2 C Louis LeGrande Glascock, Jr., born 12/2/1938.

6 G 3 C Evelyn Glascock, born 9/18/1910, married Ben F. Wood, Jr., born 2/28/1910, married 3/6/1933, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Ben F. Wood III, born 5/21/1935

7 G 2 C Jarvis Glascock Wood, born 7/24/1947.

6 G 4 C Florence Raymond Glascock, born 2/6/1913, died 7/1917.

5 G 3 CThomas Kennett Rives, born 9/24/1888, died 12/10/1950, married Pearl Richardson October, 1935.

5 G 4 CAnnie Belle Rives, married Dr. Branch Tucker Fields, died 1924, (she remarried, see below),1 child:

6 G 1 C Branch Tucker Fields, Jr., 12/19/1914, married Ruth Elizabeth Johns, 4 children:

7 G 1 C Branch Tucker Fields III, b 1/8/1939

7 G 2 C Annie Belle Fields, born 1/14/1943.

7 G 3 C Candace Fields, born 3/12/1947.

7 G 4 C Patrick Rives Fields, born 1/3/1952.

6 G 2 C Florence Jean Fields, born 4/6/1916, married Henry Vance Ward 3/7/1948, 2 children.

7 G 1 C Henry Vance Ward, Jr., born 4/25/1949.

7 G 2 C Harold Fields Ward, born 7/30/1950.

6 G 3 C Robert Dalton Fields, born 1/6/1919, married Chaplain Paul Carruth 3/8/1944, 3 children:

7 G 1 C Ellen Carruth, born 5/30/1946.

7 G 2 C Paul Carruth, Jr., born 7/30/1948.

7 G 3 C Robert Rives Carruth, born 11/8/1950.

6 G 4 C Harold Rives Fields, born 2/21/1921, married Betty Millermarried Betty Miller on 11/29/1942, 2 adopted children:

7 G 1 CSarah Ann Fields, born 10/1950.

7 G 2 CCharles Tucker Fields, born 3/15/1952.

Annie Belle Rives married 2nd time in 1928 to Dr. Robert Saunders Jordan, 1 child:

6 G 1 CEdwin Saunders Jordanb 8/30/1929 m Anne McGuire, born 2/19/1933, married 12/16/1951.

5 G 5 CMattie Lee Rives, born 2/22/1894, died 4/21/1945, married Harry H. Clendenin, born 9/29/1891, died 7/15/1945.

6 G 1 CHarry H. Clendenin, Jr., born 5/28/1914, married Sadie Emma Burgess, born 11/5/1919 (Married 11/5/1939). 1 child:

7 G 1 CHarry H. Clendenin, III, born 1/6/1945.

6 G 2 C Dorothy Ramonde Clendenin b 7/1/1917 m Walter Moore Crump b 1/21/1915 they married on 1/21/1939 and had three children:





7 G 1 C Walter M. Crump, Jr. b 3/18/1941

7 G 2 CWilliam Clendenin Crump b 7/10/1943

7 G 3 CCharles Rives Crump b 1/4/1945


6 G 3 CMartha Anne Clendenin, born 9/2/1922, married James Boren Millikan, born 44/29/1922, married 7/29/1945, 3 children:

7 G 1 CJames Boren Millikan, Jr., born 6/28/1946.

7 G 2 CDavid Clendenin Millikan, born 4/28/1948.

7 G 3 C Frank Rives Millikan, born 6/28/1952.

6 G 4 C Nancy Webster Clendenin, born 5/10/1926, married Jule Christian Spach, born 12/291925, married 9/6/1948.

7 G 1 C Nancy Lynn Spach, born 8/24/1949.

7 G 2 C Margaret Elizabeth Spach, born 11/18/1950.

5 G 6 CEdwin Earl Rives, (Judge), born 11/19/1898, died 12/12/1953, married Mary W. Tankerstey, married 11/15/1924, 3 children:

6 G 1 C Frances Adelle Rives, born 1/29/1926.

6 G 2 C Edwin Earle Rives, Jr., born 6/1/1929.

6 G 3 C Mary Roselia Rives, born 2/28/1931


4 G 6 C Joseph German Goldston, born 2/4/1866, died 8/29/1930, married Agnes Blanche Stuart, born 1867, died 1908, lived and died at Goldston, NC, 7 children:

5 G 1 CFannie Lucille Goldston, single, born 1888, died 1943, lived High Point, NC.

5 G 2 CReese Dalton Goldston, born 1891, died 1896.

5 G 3 CMaggie Gertrude Goldston, born 1893, married Albert Williams Klemme, born 1878, live High Point, NC, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Albert Williams Klemme, Jr., born 1927.

5 G 4 CThomas Stuart Goldston, born 1895, died 1948, single, lived High Point, NC.

5 G 5 CJoseph Grady Goldston, born 2/24/1900, married Altah Cecil, born 2/26/1901, live High Point, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Joseph Grady Goldston, Jr., born 6/26/1924, married Jo Ingram, born 11/27/1924, live High Point, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Beth Goldston, born 3/15/1949

7 G 2 C Joseph Perry Goldston, born 5/23/1950.

5 G 6 CIna Blanche Goldston, born 9/24/1902, single.

5 G 7 CJuanita Goldston, died in infancy.

4 G 6 CContinued- Joseph German Goldston, 2nd marriage to Susan Gaugh Kissel, born 1874, died 1936, 1 child:

5 G 1 CJoseph Womble Goldston, born 1911, married Vera Williams, live Portland, OR.

4 G 7 CRoberta Lee Goldston, born 11/8/1869, died _______, married Alexander Searcy Dalton, born 1/17/1865, died _______.Lived and died in Winston-Salem, NC, 3 children:

5 G 1 CGoldston Hunter Dalton, born 2/2/1894, married Abbye Frances Grant, born 6/23/1900, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Grady Hunter Dalton, born 1/26/1930,

5 G 2 CFrancis Scales Dalton, born 9/17/1897, married Mable Gertrude Wood, born 4/28/1906, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Robert Rives Dalton, born 2/22/1928.

6 G 2 C Francis Conrad Dalton, born 10/11/____.

5 G 3 CAlexander Searcy Dalton, Jr., born 8/31/1902

5 G 8 CThomas Paul Goldston, born 1874, died 1903, lived in Goldston until he went to Florida where he died within a few weeks, married (first) to Mamie Dorsett, 2 children.

6 G 1 CFannie Lizzie Goldston, born 1893, died 1909.






6 G 2 C(Rev.) Thomas M. Goldston, born 1895, lived in Mountain Home, TN.

4 G 8 C(Continued)Thomas Paul Goldston, born 1874, died 1903, 2nd wife Nannie Kate Womble, born 1874, died 1907, Glendon, NC, 3 children:

5 G 3 CMarguerite Goldston, born 3/23/1899, lived in Glendon, NC., married JuniusW. Peedin, born 1895, died 1937, from Selma, NC, died in Augusta GA, 3 children:

6 G 1 C J. H. Peedin, born 8/19/1925, married Nell Gentry Breeze, live 1219 Sixth St., Durham, NC.

6 G 2 C Everett Earl Peedin, born 1927, married Pauline Clark from London, England, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Christine Mary Peedin, born 1952.

6 G 3 C Doris Peedin, born 1929, married EverettEugene Daniels, born 1924, lived in Miami, FL, 1 Child:

7 G 1 C Everett E Daniels, Jr. born 5/11/1949.

5 G 4 CPaul Womble Goldston, born 8/8/1901, died 1950, married Elizabeth Barrier, born 10/8/1902, lived in Rockwell, NC, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Betty Lou Goldston, born 2/15/1932, married Glenn Weant (U.S. Army), 1 child:

7 G 1 C Glenn David Weant, born 8/23/1951.

6 G 2 C Mary Frances Goldston, born 2/13/1936.

5 G 5 CGeorge Goldston, born 1902, died 1914 (his twin brother died in infancy).

4 G 9 CEdgar H. Goldston, born 7/15/1875, died 3/22/1917, lived and died in Goldston, NC, married Rosa A. Womble, Goldston, NC, born 10/11/1876, died 1971, lived at 317 Union St., Fayetteville, NC, 5 children:

5 G 1 CGladys E. Goldston, born 8/28/1895, died 1/8/1941, married Munsy M. Brooks, Washington, DC, married 8/10/1919, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Betty E. Brooks, born 8/13/1920, married J. E. McLain, married 7/27/1941, lived in Columbia, SC, 3 children:

7 G 1 C James E. McLain, Jr., born 9/19/1944.

7 G 2 C Donald I. McLain, born 6/10/1948

7 G 3 C Heyward B. McLain, born 1/21/1950.

6 G 2 C Helen L. Brooks, born 6/14/1923, married James E. Brown 9/19/1946, lived Fayetteville, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Edward J. Brown, Jr., born 7/5/1948

7 G 2 C Helen Janett Brown, born 6/25/1951

5 G 2 CAnnie E. Goldston, born 6/24/1899, married B. C. Neal, live Fayetteville, NC, no children.

5 G 3 CThomas Jennings Goldston, born 8/19/1901, married Mary S. Maxwell, born 4/4/1900, married 6/14/1925, lived Petersburg, VA, 3 children:

6 G 1 C Thomas Jennings Goldston, Jr., born 3/24/1926.

6 G 2 C Edgar C. Goldston, born 1/24/1927.

6 G 3 C Harold M. Goldston, born 11/22/1930.

5 G 4 CVirginia H. Goldston, born 12/19/1915, married Horace A. Inman, born 4/14/1913live in Fayetteville, NC, 3 children.

3 G 4 CMary Alston Goldston, born 3/13/1830, died 1885, married John Marion Green, born 1824, died 1907, of Beaumont, NC.They afterwards moved to Randolph County where they lived and died and are buried at Parks Cross Road Church of that county, 8 children:

4 G 1 CSallie Ruth Green, married G. C. Foust.

4 G 2 CRobert Edward Green, married Alma Foust.

4 G 3 CJennie Green, married Willie Parks.

4 G 4 CMaggie Green, married Tom Parks.

4 G 5 CDuck Green, married Alec Shaw.

4 G 6 CTommie Green, married Annie Moffitt.






4 G 7 CFred A. Green, married Virgie Miller.

4 G 8 CRev. Tom J. Green, 1st wife Launna B. Cole, 2nd wife Essie Lenard Muse, 2 children.All are deceased, Rev. Tom J. having died in 1954 over 80 years old and who furnished the above information of his family.

3 G 5 C Sallie Ann Goldston, born 1/8/1832, died 1/17/1883, married Dr. Henry Morean Foust in 1850, born 3/15/1828, died 3/26/1867.They lived in Coolridge, Randolph County, NC, and are buried in the Concord Cemetery there.After his death she married Thomas W. Dixon, 5 children by first husband:

4 G 1 CIsaac Henry Foust, died 6/26/1860.

4 G 2 CMary Carolina Foust, died 6/25/1852

4 G 3 CInfant, died 11/1/1858.

4 G 4 CGeorge Thomas Foust, died in Minston 8/1/1886.

4 G 5 CJohn Morean Foust, born 12/11/1852, died 4/8/1920, married Mary Ryan Hooker, born 7/30/1857, died 5/28/1929, 1 child:

5 G 1 CMaude Foust, born 1//31/1878, died 11/9/1933, married Leon T. Lane, Sheriff of Chatham County, born 1872, died 11/2/1941, 5 children:

6 G 1 C Mary Lyall Lane, born 3/22/1898, married 5/25/1922 to Dr. T. B. Stokes, died 9/6/1952, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Thomas Lane Stokes, born 9/22/1923.

7 G 2 C Jack B. Stokes, born 9/19/1929.

6 G 2 C Margaret Hooker Lane, married 6/7/1929 to Alton W. Craven, died 12/20/1940, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Alton Watkins, born 1/30/1933.

7 G 2 C Barbara Ann, born 6/8/1933 (?).

6 G 3 C Jack Foust Lane, married Nell Edwards 7/4/1935.

7 G 1 CAdopted Jack Randolph Lane, born 6/2/1945.

6 G 4 C Virginia Dare Lane, born 11/6/1903, died 1907.

6 G 5 C Eugenia Harris Lane, married 6/25/1946 to Paul Reitzel, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Paul Leon Rietzel, born 8/13/1942.

5 G 2 CMary Ina Foust, born 4/3/1880, married C. W. Smith on 3/9/1904, lived Washington, DC, 1 child.

6 G 1 C Claude W. Smith, Jr., born 11/28/1904.

5 G 3 CEugene Harris Foust, born 12/18/1882, married Belle Stroud on 2/17/1921, 8 children:

6 G 1 C Eugene Harris Foust, Jr., born 12/5/1921, married Mamie Lee Andrew on 11/29/1947, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Elizabeth Moody, born 11/12/1953.

6 G 2 C Ben Stroud Foust, born 4/24/1923.

6 G 3 C Charles Ryan Foust, born 9/13/1924, married Mary Lee Phillips on 6/14/1952.

6 G 4 C Jack Headen Foust, born 7/4/1926.

6 G 5 C Sara Elizabeth Foust, born 5/10/1928, married Max B. Smith on 12/9/1950, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Max B. Smith, Jr., born 8/17/1953.

6 G 6 C Elvira Worth Foust, born 6/15/1887, married John O. Plank on 7/3/1912, 5 children:

7 G 1 C Mary Foust Plank, married William R. Weaver on 2/3/1944, 2 children:

8 G 1 CMonette Ann Weaver, born 3/2/1945.

8 G 2 CReagan Hale Weaver, born 8/29/1951.

7 G 2 C Douglas Regina Plank, born ________, married William Henry McElwee, Jr., 3/9/1943, 5 children:

8 G 1 CDouglas Martian McElwee Jr. (?) born 1/1/1944.

8 G 2 CWilliam Henry McElwee, III, born 3/31/1945.



8 G 3 C Elizabeth Elvira McElwee, born 6/10/1947.

8 G 4 CDorothy Plank McElwee, born 8/25/1949.

8 G 5 C John Plank McElwee, born 2/20/1954

7 G 3 C Dorothy Plank, married Robert Edward Lewis, Jr., on 4/25/1943, 4 children:

8 G 1 CMary Suzanne Lewis, born 6/5/1945.

8 G 2 CPatricia Foust Lewis, born 8/13/1946.

8 G 3 CRobert Edward Lewis, III, born 10/25/1950.

8 G 4 CMargaret Elvira Lewis, born 11/1/1952

7 G 4 CMaud Plank, married Thomas Wilson Harper on 6/5/1945, 3 children:

8 G 1 CSusan Carolyn Harper, born 12/16/1947.

8 G 2 CMary Louise Harper, born 12/21/1950.

8 G 3 CThomas Charles Harper, born 8/5/1953.

7 G 5 C John Oats Plank, Jr., born ______, married Patricia Ann Neisler on 10/11/1952, 1 child:

8 G 1 CAnn Hunter Plank, born 10/15/1953.

6 G 7 C John M. Foust, II, born 6/3/1894, married Nina Tate on 5/19/1920, 3 children:

7 G 1 C Mary Hooker Foust, born 4/26/1921, married George C. White, Jr., 3 children:

8 G 1 CJoan Carolina White, born 3/22/1943.

8 G 2 CGeorge Cleveland White, born 12/22/1945.

8 G 3 CSidney Foust White, born 1/8/1950.

7 G 2 C John Morean Foust III, born 2/1/1925, married Lena Ruth Bray, 1 child:

8 G 1 CRebecca Bray Foust, born 6/3/1951.

7 G 3 C Ina Tate Foust b 3/6/1929

4 G 2 CGeorge Thomas Foust, died 8/1/1886 in Winston-Salem, NC, married Emma Bledsoe, 4 children:

5 G 1 CThomas Foust

5 G 2 C Ethel Foust

5 G 3 C Lucille

5 G 4 CEmma

4 G 3 CSallie Ann Foust, married Lote Paschal, 2 children:

5 G 1 CEmma Paschal, died 3/2/1955, married Marvin Womble, live Goldston, NC, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Louise Womble

6 G 2 C Linda Womble, married Emile Hodge of Greensboro, NC.

4 G 4 CMattie Foust, married Thomas M. Bynum, lived Goldston, NC, 6 children:

5 G 1 CFleta Bynum

5 G 2 CDr. Clarence Bynum

5 G 3 CJulius Bynum

5 G 4 CRupert Bynum

5 G 5 CThomas Bynum of Greensboro, NC.

5 G 6 CHarry Bynum, Greensboro, NC.

4 G 5 CLou Foust, married Fred Watson, 6 children:

5 G 1 CPauline Watson, Durham, NC.

5 G 2 CHerbert Watson, Goldston, NC.

5 G 3 CEstelle Watson, Durham, NC.

5 G 4 CRuth Watson, Durham, NC.

5 G 5 CBrona Watson, High Point, NC.






3 G 6 C Andrew Jackson Goldston, born 1/4/1835, died 9/5/1893.Addie Mae Stone, his grand-daughter, told me, Allan Martin Goldston, that he found a dog in his chicken house, killing chickens.He shot the dog and recognized it as belonging to a black tenant on the farm, so he hooked up his wagon, loaded the dog and drove to the tenant’s house.When the tenant saw the dead dog, he got a rifle and shot Andrew who was still sitting on the wagon.Andrew married a distant relative from Jackson, Mississippi, Catherine Alice (Kate) Rives, born 7/9/1839, died 5/28/1897.They are buried in the Goldston Cemetery, north of Goldston, NC.(See Map)They lived and died on his father’s old homeplace, 1 mile north of Goldston, NC, on the banks of Bear Creek.

4 G 1 CWillie Goldston, died about 4 years old, a girl.

4 G 2 CSallie “Sank” Jack Goldston, (known to me as Aunt Sanky, we visited her when I was a child.) born 1863, died 1942, married Thomas R. Green, born 1852, died 1930, lived in Beaumont, Chatham County, NC, near Rocky River.Their home place is located here where they lived and died.9 children:

5 G 1 CGrace Green, born 1888, married Oren A.Tysor, lived Rt. 3, Pittsboro, NC, 3 children, 4 grandchildren:

5 G 2 C Jessie R. Green, born 1891, married Era Joyner, lived RFD., Stokesdale, NC, 3 children, 6 grandchildren.

5 G 3 CThomas W. Green, born 1896, married Beatrice _______, lived Rt. 3, Pittsboro, NC, 5 children, 9 grandchildren.

5 G 4 C Earnest A. Green, born 1901, married Olivia Suttle, lived 601 Lane St (?), 1 child.

6 G 1 C Buckie George Green.

5 G 5 CJames M. Green, born 1898, died 1942, married 1st wife Nora McDaniel, 1 child, divorced and married 2nd wife, Marie Farrell, 3 children, 2 grandchildren.

5 G 6 CMinnie K. Green, born 1894, died 1911, single.

5 G7 C Grover Green, born 1884, died 1885.

5 G 8 CRobert J. Green, born 1881, married Jennie Hayes, 1st wife, lived at Rt. 3, Siler City, NC, 2 children by 1st wife.She died and he married 2 nd wife, Elsie Moore- 2 children by 2nd wife, 4 in all.8 grandchildren.

5 G 9 CHattie Green, born 1883, married ________ McIntyre, livd 1547 W. 104th St., Los Angles, CA, 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

4 G 3 CEdward Moreau Goldston, born 2/11/1867, died 11/20/1934, married (1891) Alice Jane Maxwell of Steadman, NC, born 4/1/1867, died 5/20/1896.(Her brother was Tom Maxwell who married Lou Kate Goldston.)Edward married 2nd time 1897to Jennie Dora Maxwell, born 11/12/1872, died 7/16/1906, of Swann Station, NC, Lee County.They had two children (twins), both died at birth on 7/16/1906 along with their mother, all buried in same casket.Edward married 3 rd time to Mary Lou Burns, born 7/12/1880, died 11/23/1979, of Chatham County.Lived Rt. #3, Siler City, NC, 2 children.Their home place was a short distance north of Goldston, NC, adjoining his father’s old homeplace where he lived and died.Children 1st marriage are as follows:

5 G 1 C Janie Kate Goldston, born 7/31/1892, died 10/13/1957married 4/24/1924 to John B. Jones, lived Rt. 3, Pittsboro, near Rocky River, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Virginia Alice Jones, born 6/11/1922, died August, 2000, married 11/18/1942 to Henry V, Lewis of Middlesex, NC, 3 children:

7 G 1 C Henry V. Lewis, Jr., born 12/6/1944

7 G 2 C Barbara Ann Lewis, born 2/9/1948

7 G 3 C Sherry Lynne Lewis, born 2/2/1953.

6 G 2 C Henry Edward Jones, born 6/5/1926, married Stella Wilson Mann, lived Rt. 2, Pittsboro, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C David Edward Jones, born 1/1/1952.

5 G 2 CCarl Jackson “Jack” Goldston, born 2/3/1894, died 3/8/1977, married Minnie Hester from NC, lived Ardmore, OK.

5 G 3 CRaymond Moreau Goldston, born 2/29/1896, died 5/31/1968.(Middle name is not Monreau as previously thought.)Married Mamie Elizabeth Pollock, born 6/13/1909, died 12/2/1994, 3 children:








6 G 1 CRaymond Monreau Goldston, (until recently it was thought that he was a Junior, but he wasn’t.He never learned of this fact.) born 4/3/1927, died 7/30/1996 of a sudden heart attack, married 8/9/1949, Kathleen Regas, born 9/19/1928, Sidney, Montana (Lived in Wichita, KS, Grand Junction, CO, then Denver, CO).He was a renowned sign builder and built the famous “Mile High Stadium” sign here in Denver (not the flags that were at the side of it but the actual letters).He also worked construction at Coors.4 children:

7 G 1 C Karen Rae Goldston, born 7/28/1951, Wichita, KS, married Thomas M. Gerton, 1 child:

8 G 1 CShane Raymond Gerton (Anderson), born 10/16/1970, married Debbie Gully 4/4/1992, live Rush, CO.He works in housing construction.1 child:

9 G 1 C Shenae Breann Anderson, born 11/16/1994.


Karen divorced and then married John Lewis Anderson on 12/27/1978.They live in Colorado Springs, CO and own a prospering home construction business.John adopted her son, Shane.

7 G 2 C Susan Kathleen Goldston, born 2/11/1955, Grand Junction, CO, married 6/20/1982 Daniel E. Weeks, live in Lakewood, CO.She is part owner of a house cleaning service.

7 G 3 C Kimberly Monreau Goldston, born 7/29/57, Grand Junction, CO, married James W. Anderson on 6/27/1980, live Houston, TX, 1 child:

8 G 1 CKollin D. Anderson, born 2/1/1984

7 G 4 C Kristen Jane Goldston, born 9/11/1961, Grand Junction, CO, married Ronald D. Gallegos on 6/15/1985, live Littleton, CO.She is working diligently on several romance novels and should be published soon under the pseudonym Blaine Hart Brannon.Ronald used to race cars and did exceptionally well.

6 G 2 CEllen Louise Goldston,born _______, married John Cook, live Dallas, TX, 3 children:

7 G 1 C Jennie Cook, live Dallas, TX

7 G 2 C Nancy Cook, divorced, live in Dallas, TX.

7 G 3 C Laura Cook, divorced, live Dallas, TX.

6 G 3 C Mary Alice Goldston, born _____, married Clyde M. Watkins 10/5/1951, live Vernal, UT, 3 children:

7 G 1 C Brad Allen Watkins, born 7/31/1952, live Vernal, UT.

7 G 2 C Greg Watkins, married Lisa, live in Utah, 7 children

7 G 3 C Bryan Watkins, married Reba.

5 G 4 CMary Willie Goldston, born 2/15/1909, died 5/23/1974, married Eugene C. McLamb, lived Clinton, NC, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Eugene Clifford McLamb, Jr., born 9/16/1939.

6 G 2 C Mary Jacqueline McLamb, born 3/3/1945


5 G 5 CEvelyn Goldston, b 3/26/1921, died 12/6/2000, married Dean B. Davis, live Rt. 3, Charlotte, NC, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Dean Jackson Davis, born ?/8/1943.

4 G 4 CMary Austin Goldston, born 5/11/1869, died 8/19/1937, married 8/17/1887 to William Preston Kirkman, born 8/16/1869, died 1/6/1921, lived and died Goldston, NC, 12 children:

5 G 1 CRoy C. Kirkman, born 1888, died 1891.

5 G 1 CFilmore N. Kirkman, born 1890, died 1891.

5 G 3 CClyde Goldston Kirkman, born 1892, died 1940, married 1/1/1913 to Callie Broughton, born 1893, live Goldston, NC, 5 children:

6 G 1 C Elizabeth Kirkman, born 1914, married James Wicker, no children.

6 G 2 C Calvin Kirkman, born 1915, married Lois Cole, live 2648 College St., Jacksonville, FL, 4 children:

7 G 1 C Calvin Kirkman, Jr., born 6/12/1939.

7 G 2 C Mildred Kirkman, born 9/10/1940.

7 G 3 C Larry Kirkman, born 7/20/1945.

7 G 4 C Judy Kirkman, born 7/20/1945.





6 G 3 C Thomas Kirkman, born 1916, died 1943, married Pearl Scots, live 1519 Willmore St., Greensboro, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Jerry Kirkman, born 5/12/1940.

7 G 2 C Barbara Kirkman, born 10/7/1943.

6 G 4 C Clyde Leo Kirkman, born 11/2/1918, married Bernice Gaines, born 11/3/1927, live 808 N. Endor St., Sanford, NC, 3children:

7 G 1 C Lana Kirkman, born 8/27/1944

7 G 2 C Evelyn Kirkman, born 9/30/1945.

7 G 3 C Leo Kirkman, born 9/24/1948.

6 G 4 C Lyman Kirkman, born 1919, married Beatrice Garner, live Goldston, NC, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Lyman Earl Kirkman, born 1/29/1947.

7 G 2 C Gerald Ray Kirkman, born 9/30/1951.

5 G 4 C Cecil Cark Kirkman, born 1894, died 3/3/1954, married 3/20/1925 to Helen Rosser, live Rt. 4, Sanford, NC, 4 children:

6 G 1 C Margie Kirkman, born 10/6/1926, married R. E. McCullock, live Garden St., Sanford, NC, no children.

6 G 2 C Jean Kirkman, born 4/26/1928, married Ralph E. Chester with NC Highway Patrol, live Circle Ave., Sanford, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Karen Chester, born ________.

6 G 3 C John Thomas Kirkman, born 12/22/1930, married Nancy Davis, 7/3/1955, live WeatherspoonSt., Sanford, NC.

6 G 4 C Ann Kirkman, born 4/25/1939, living at home, Rt. 4, Sanford, NC.

5 G 5 CRobert Leo Kirkman, born 1897, died 1945, married 12/28/1920 to Lillian _______, live Greensboro, NC, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Robert Leo Kirkman, Jr., born 8/12/1920, married Ruby Weeden, live 4302 Cornell Avenue, Greensboro, NC, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Richard Kirkman, born 8/25/1948.

5 G 6 CDella Kate Kirkman, born 1899, married to Herman L. Burns, 3 children, married2nd time to Rev. L. A. Eisenhuth, live Seymour, TX.Children by 1st marriage as follows:

6 G 1 C Harold Burns, born 1/7/1928, married Colleen Holt, 2 children:

7 G 1 C Herman Burns, born 3/18/1949.

7 G 2 C Ross Burns, born 2/14/1950.

6 G 2 C Herman Burns, Jr. , born 8/13/1930, died 1935.

6 G 3 C Faye Burns, born 2/24/1935, married Joe H. Stubblefield.

5 G 7 CJulian C. Kirkman,born 1902, married 1929 to Lazatta McLamb, live Greensboro, NC, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Julian Mack Kirkman, born 8/?/1932, single.

5 G8 C Ruby Clair Kirkman, born 1904, died 1919.

5 G 9 CEva Mae Kirkman, born 1906, died 1949, married Henry Howard in 1924, lived RFD Pittsboro, NC, 4 children:

6 G 1 C Henry L. Howard, born 10/?/1928, married Lilly Wren, 1 child.

6 G 2 C Louise Howard, born 5/15/1931, married Stewart Horton, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Kathy Horton

6 G 3 CBob Howard, born 4/1/1933, married Polly ______.

6 G 4 C Doris Howard, born 2/12/1936, married ___________.

5 G 10 CLucy E. Kirkman, born 1908, married 1931 to Henry N. Adams, live Fayetteville, NC, 2 children:

6 G 1 CMamie Lou Adams, born 3/12/1932, married W. W. Daugherty of NJ.

6 G 2 C Henry N. Adams, Jr., born 8/3/1941.

5 G 11 CJoy E. Kirkman, born 1911, died 1912.

5 G 12 CW. P. Kirkman, Jr., born 1913, married 1936 to Gladys Smith, live Box 37, RFD, Greensboro, NC, 2 children:




6 G 1 C Mary Kirkman, born 7/12/1939.

6 G 2 C Polly Austin Kirkman, born 10/?/1945.

4 G 5 CLou Kate Goldston, born 12/20/1874, died 5/29/1953, married N. T. Maxwell, live 4433 Bay Villa Ave., Tampa, FL, 5 children:

5 G 1 CWilliam E. King, born _____, live at Atlanta, GA, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Billy King

6 G 2 C Tommy King

5 G 2 CDorothy King, born _____, married Dr. A. F. Shirmer, live Orlando, FL, 1 child:6 G 1 CRichard Shirmer, born ______.

5 G 3 CEmily King, born _______, married Major C. A. Wright, US Air Force, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Richard Wright, born _____.

5 G 4 CMarion Kate Maxwell, born _______, married C. M. Crabtree, 4 children:

6 G 1 C Mary D. Crabtree, born ______, married Earl Gornto, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Katherine Gornto, born _______.

6 G 2 C C. M. Crabtree, born _______.

6 G 3 C Olen A. Crabtree, born ______, married __________, live El Paso, TX, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Katherine Crabtree

6 G 4 CBetty Jo Crabtree, born _______, married Henry Kyle, US Air Force, no children.

5 G 4 CMarion Kate Maxwell married 2nd time to I. A. Haveman, live 4433 Bay Villa Ave., Tampa, FL.

5 G 5 CGoldston McCoy Maxwell, born ______, married________, 3 children:

6 G 1 C Jane Elizabeth, born _________.

6 G 2 C Sharon Maxwell, born __________.

6 G 3 C Jack Maxwell, born ________.

4 G 6 CRobert Lee “Bob” Goldston, Sr., born 1876, died 1942, married Julia May Womble, born 1881, died 1940.Their original homeplace was that of his father, Andrew Jackson Goldston.About 1928 the family moved to Wake County, near Wake Forest, NC, where he established R. L. Goldston & Sons Lumber Co.7 children:

5 G 1 C Flynn Womble Goldston, born 1/28/1901, died ________, took his own life when learned he was terminally ill with cancer Goldston, NC, married Catherine Russell, 1 child, divorced 1st wife, married Rachel Ray.

6 G 1 C Flynn Womble Goldston, Jr., born 6/1936.

5 G 2 CJames David Goldston, born 11/24/1902, died _______, married Margie Lee Peace, live Wake Forest, NC, 3 children:

6 G 1 C James David “Jimmy” Goldston, Jr., born 9/1933, married Emma Louise Freeman, 1 child:

7 G 1 C James David “Jim” Goldston, III, born 8/1951.

6 G 2 C Dr. William Robert “Billy” Goldston born 4/1937, married ___________

6 G 3 C Doris Lee Goldston, born 3/1939, married _________.

5 G 3 C Eugene Faizelle Goldston, born 11/3/1906, died _________, married Mary Ethel Knox, lived in Raleigh at his death.He graduated from N. C. State College with a degree in soil technology and worked for the state of NC his adult life, living in various towns and accumulated a large collection of Indian artifacts; 2 children:

6 G 1CRobert John “Bobby John” Goldston, Rev., born 9/1931, married _______.

6 G 2 C Adianna June Goldston, b 5/1935

5 G 2 CRoland Hayes Goldston, born 2/6/1908, married Alice Martin, lived in Wilson, NC, when he died 1968, buried there, 2 children:

6 G 1 CAllan Martin Goldston, born 1/4/1929, served USMC 1946-1948, attended Wake Forest College and UNC 1948-1952, married 1st Mary Elizabeth “Betsy” Jordan 9/2/1948 while both were college students, she at Meredith College, Raleigh, 2 children.I am the person who took this job of typing Herbert’s genealogy and now realize how much time it must have taken him.He did his work on a typewriter!






7 G 1 C Daryll Beth Goldston, born 1/4/1962, graduated UNCG with a BS degree in Nursing, married Richard Lovette, live North Wilkesboro, NC, where they own Lovette Poultry Farm and she is Wilkes County Health Director, 2 children:

8 G 1 CShay Lovette, born ______.

8 G 2 CChad Lovette, born _______.

7 G 2 C Jerri Michelle Goldston, born 9/27/1960, graduated UNC, registered Dietician, married Frank Mayberry, born ______, live Mt. Airy, NC, live Mt. Airy, NC, 3 children:

8 G 1 CErin Mayberry

8 G 2 C Megan Mayberry

8 G 3 C Brooks Mayberry

I married Geraldine Van Meter, North Wilkesboro, NC, had one son:

7 G 1 C Allan Martin “Marty” Goldston, Jr., born 1967, died 1983 in auto accident.

We were divorced about 1970 and I married Sudie Maready Bauguess in 1976, no children, have custody of adopted grandchild, Kalie Bauguess.I retired from Construction Management, having built commercial office and warehouse buildings in most major cities on the East Coast, last several years in NYC area maintained home in Winston-Salem, NC, suffer from congestive heart failure and emphysema, hooked to oxygen tank, but otherwise enjoying what I do.

8 G 1 CKalie Susan Bauguess, born 10/2/1987.

7 G 2 C Roland Hayes Goldston, Jr., born 7/14/1932, died 5/1999 of cancer, Shallotte, NC, where he retired at age 50, ashes scattered in Shallotte River off the pier in front of his home on outgoing tide, along with a healthy shot of vodka as per his request.Married Jewel Turner, children:

8 G 1 CRoland Hayes Goldston, III, born_______.

8 G 2 CDanny Goldston, twin, born _________.

8 G 3 CDiane Goldston, twin, born _________.

8 G 4 CDebra Goldston, born _________.

8 G 5 CNeal Goldston, born ________ died ________ , in accident at work.He was a crew supervisor to the local electric company working on Hwy 421 south of Myrtle Beach when a car, driven by a person who had gone to sleep, ran off the road and up a bank where it struck and killed him instantly.

5 G 5 C Addie Mae Goldston, born 1/29/1912, died 2000, married D. Robert “Bob” Stone, a ceramic engineer, lived 2607 Hillview, Austin, TX.He had developed and patented a furnace for ceramic products that achieved higher temperatures, merged his business with a national company and became modestly wealthy.2 adopted children,

6 G 1 C Arthur Daniel “Danny” Stone, born 2/1943.

6 G 2 C Barbara Gail Stone, born 11/1944.

5 G 6 CRobert Lee Goldston, Jr., (called Robert Jr.), born 7/9/1914, died _______ from cancer, lived Wake Forest, NC, married Mary Lee Gooch.Robert Jr. held several jobs, but the one I remember most was when he was with White House Security during WWII.Our family visited him in 1943 and he took us through the White House when no visitors were allowed during the war years.Since the president (FDR) was out of town, Uncle Robert let me sit in Roosevelt’s chair behind the desk in the Oval Office.He took me down the hall to the swimming pool where Roosevelt exercised and he put a corduroy bathrobe around me with the initials “FDR” embroidered on the front.Robert Jr. and Mary Lee had 2 children.Years later I happened to run into Mary Lee while walking through the Atlanta air terminal.

6 G 1 C Phillip Lee Goldston, born 7/1937.

6 G 2 C John Robert Goldston, born 7/1945.

5 G 7 C Andrew Jackson “Jack” Goldston, born 4/23/1919, died ________ in a truck accident (thought to have suffered a heart attack) near Ashville, NC.Joined the Army in 1939 and drove trucks all over Europe during the war, never hurt, never married.







4 G 7 C Hugh Peoples Goldston, born 1878, died 6/13/1953, married Bessie Womble, born 1880, died 7/9/1954, original homeplace Goldston, NC, afterwards moved to White Lake, NC, owners and operators of Goldston’s Beach, no children but raised two nephews, Jack and Harry Womble, both born in late 1920’s, Jack liked to party and we frequently went beer drinking together… except that alcohol and Jack didn’t get along.By the time he was 25 unable to walk and died young, never married.Harry was the strength in the family and managed Uncle Hugh’s business affairs quite well.


2 G 7 CElizabeth Goldston, being the youngest child of original William Goldston, died 1808.She was mentioned as being one of the younger children in her father’s will under age.Have no record of her.She may have moved with her Uncle Charles family to Tennessee.She may have died in her youth or married and remained in Chatham County.If anyone can supply additional information it would certainly be appreciated.We believe she may have been born around 1802.-

The second reunion of the Goldston Family was held in Goldston, NC, Sep. 1, 1951.Walter Leon Goldston (born 3/23/1894) from 202 Gas & Oil Building, Houston, TX, who was reared in Goldston, NC, and a descendant of this family, attended this meeting and with him, William M. Goldston and wife, Sue E. Davis Goldston, who live at 507 Texas Avenue, Corpus Christi, TX, (and as shown by the copy of the history of the Goldston Family in the West by Major Andre Goldston (born 1845, died 1924), presented by him (Walter Leon) at this meeting), is a descendant of the original Charles Goldston who lived in Chatham County, NC, and with him, Lenode Goldston and wife, Weenorah Goldston, 6135 Kirby St., Houston, TX, who were not certain as to whether or not they were descendants of Charles or his brother William Goldston (died 1808).

The above Walter Leon Goldston also presented in addition to Major Andre Goldston’s History, referred to above which had been obtained from some of the Goldstons now living in Texas.

Quote:“in the early 1930’s the writer met Mr. and Mrs. John Maxey Goldston, Jr., who at that time lived in Italy, Texas, a town about 75 miles south of Dallas.Mr. John Maxey Goldston, Jr., at that time was something more than 70 years old.He had a brother, Major Andre Goldston, 15 years his senior, who had died in 1924.Major Andre spent most of his life in Central Tennessee, just east of Nashville.Before he died, he came to Texas and lived there until his death.Major Andre, during his lifetime, compiled a diary of the genealogy of the Goldston family.This diary was based on information given to him by his father, John M. Goldston who lived and died in Wilson County, TN.Since Major Andre Goldston’s death, the genealogy of this branch of the Goldston family has been kept by the wife and children of John Maxey Goldston, Jr.”

“During my conversation with John Maxey Goldston, Jr., in the early 1930’s, the following information was disclosed about the family, some of which is not mentioned in the diary kept by Major Andre Goldston:I was informed that the Goldstons originally came from Scotland.There are three boys; Charles, John and William.They spelled their names ‘Gholson’.Charles Gholson served in the British Navy.As compensation for such services, the King of England granted to Charles a tract of land in the new country.Before the Revolutionary War, Charles came to America and brought with him his brothers, John and William.They arrived in the new country and settled on their grant of land in and around what is now known as Chatham County, NC.

“John Gholson did not remain in this part of North Carolina. He moved on to the west side of the mountains in which is now eastern Tennessee.He never changed the spelling of his name, nor did his children.The descendants of John Gholson continue to bear the name ‘Gholson’.

“Charles Gholson had 10 children, only two sons:Charles Gholson, Jr., and John M. Gholson, the other 8 children being girls.The entire family moved to Tennessee after the Revolutionary War, near Nashville.Some of the descendants of John M. Gholson are now living in Texas.Four of the girls lived and died in Tennessee; two lived and died in Arkansas, and the other two lived and died in Texas.Charles Gholson, Jr., moved to DeSoto County, Mississippi.He lived and died there.His children, with the exception of one girl, all returned to Tennessee.Three of them moved to west Tennessee.

“William Goldston (died 1808) and his family remained in North Carolina.


“Below is the diary of Genealogy of the descendants of the original Charles Gholson from NC as compiled by Major Andre Goldston (born 1845, died 1924) married to Eugina Cox, daughter Berry and Lacy Cox (born 1846, died 1909).Major Andre was station agent for several years in Lebanon, TN.He and his wife are buried there in Cedar Grove Cemetery.This information as we received it from Mrs. J. M. Goldston who is now ’81 years young’ and is living in Hillsboro, TX.

1 GThe original Charles Goldston (Federal Census lists him in 1800 living in Chatham County, NC.He died some time after that, married Nancy Garner, Scotland, 10 children:

2 G 1 CJohn Goldston, married Elizabeth Maxey, NC, lived Wilson County, TN, died in Smith County, TN.

2 G 2 C Charles Goldston, Jr., married Elizabeth Neal, NC, moved to DeSoto County, Mississippi and died there.

2 G 3 C Pherebia Goldston, married William Lamberth, NC, lived and died in Wilson County, TN.

2 G 4 C Nancy Goldston, married Joshua Bradbury, NC, lived and died in Wilson, County, TN.

2 G 5 C Mary Goldston, married Moses Rule, NC, lived and died in Summer County, TN.

2 G 6 C Elizabeth Goldston, married Solomon Rule, NC, lived in Summer County, TN, died in Arkansas.

2 G 7 C Sallie Goldston, married Robertson Wright, NC, moved west to TN and died there.

2 G 8 C Susan Goldston, married Talbert (?), NC, moved to southeast TX.

2 G 9 C Bathsheba Goldston, married John Bradbury, NC, moved to TX from Wilson County, TN.

2 G 10C Dicy Goldston, married Holde W. Plunkett, NC, moved to Arkansas.


2 G 1 C John Goldston, married Elizabeth Maxey, 11 children:

3 G 1 C Eli Goldston, born in Chatham County, NC, born 3/19/1795, died 2/28/1875, married Elizabeth Bennett, born 2/25/1797, died 3/4/1873 from TN, they lived in Wilson County, TN.(Information from Old Eskew 22 “District, Wilson Co., TN”, 1 mile south of Mt. View Hill in middle of a plowed field.

3 G 2 CNancy Goldston, married Sarroll Wilson, lived in Wilson County and died in Smith Co., TN.

3 G 3 CElizabeth Goldston, married Jas. Bradbury from TN, lived and died Wilson County, TN.

3 G 4 CCharles Goldston III (?), married Kate Rule from TN, lived and died Polk Co., Missouri.

3 G 5 CMartha Goldston, married William Jolly from TN, lived in Honey Grove, TX.

3 G 6 C John Maxey Goldston, born 6/14/1809 near Lebanon, TN, died 7/4/1892, married Louisa Tatam Stovall 11/1/1830.She was born 3/2/1813 died 6/27/1888, lived and died in Wilson Co., TN.They are buried in Cedar Groove Cemetery at Lebanon, TN.

3 G 7 CMary Goldston, married Wilson Maddox, TN, lived and died in Wilson County, TN.

3 G 8 CThomas Goldston, married Lucy Stovall from TN, lived and died in Polk Co., Missouri.

3 G 9 CSallie Goldston, married N. F. Trewatt, TN, lived in Lebanon, TN.

3 G 10CDicy Goldston, lived in Polk Co., Missouri.

3 G 11CLoucinda Goldston, married (?) Burns from TN, lived in Polk Co., Missouri.


2 G 2 C Charles Goldston, Jr., married Elizabeth Neal, 7 children:

3 G 1 C William B. Goldston, married Betson Jackson from TN.They lived and died in Wilson Co., TN.(Information obtained from 22 “District, Wilson Co.” Wool Factory Road, WilliamB. Goldston, born 9/11/1817, died 5/30/1892, married Harriet P., wife of W. B. Goldston (born 12/11/1815, died 5/22/1892).Major Andre Goldston lists his wife as being Betsy Goldston; if correct, the above must have been his 2nd wife.

3 G 2 CSallie Goldston, lived and died in Wilson County, TN.

3 G 3 CBetsy Goldston, lived and died in Wilson County, TN.

3 G 4 CNancy Goldston, now lives in west TN.

3 G 5 CJas. Goldston, now lives in west TN.

3 G 7 CLucinda or Sallie Goldston, married John Bradbury, died in Mississippi near Hernando.


2 G 3 C Pherebia Goldston, married William Lamberth, 4 children:

3 G 1 CWarner Lamberth, married Lucy Turpin, lives in Wilson Co., TN.

3 G 2 CDempsie Lamberth, married (?) Bettes, lived and died in Wilson Co., TN.









3 G 3 CWinnie Lamberth married William Bettes, lives in Wilson, Co., TN.

3 G 4 CMary Lamberth married L. Sypert, lived and died in Wilson Co., TN.

2 G 4 C Nancy Goldston and Joshua Bradbury, 6 children:

3 G 1 CCharles Bradbury married (?) Fields, moved to west TN, died in Mississippi.

3 G 2 CMary Bradbury married (?) Duncan, moved to west TN.

3 G 3 CNancy Bradbury married William Smith, lived and died in Haywood Co., TN.

3 G 4 CMinerva Bradbury moved to west TN.

3 G 5 CSallie Bradbury moved to west TN.

3 G 6 CWilliam Bradbury moved to Arkansas and died there.


2 G 5 C Mary Goldston and Moses Rule, 1 child.

3 G 1 CCatherine Rule married Charles Goldston from TN, moved to Missouri and died.


2 G 6 C Elizabeth Goldston and Solomon Rule’s children:

3 G 1 CGideon Rule, killed in Arkansas by a neighbor.

3 G 2 CSolomon Rule, Jr., moved from Arkansas to Texas, had several other children but all moved to Arkansas at an early date.


Warner Lamberth and Lucy Turpin’s children:

4 G 1 CJas. Lamberth married Susan Wall, lived and died in Wilson Co., TN.

4 G 2 CMary J. Lamberth married Griffith Rutherford, lives near Lebanon, TN.

James Lamberth had 3 boys who went with their mother to Illinois.Lives in KY.Mary J. Rutherford has 2 girls, Lucie and Griffie, 4th cousins.Dempsie Lamberth had 2 girls, both married and moved to west TN.

Winnie Lamberth and William Bettes children (10):

4 G 1 CJohn Bettes married Martha Summerhill, widow and children lived in Summer Co., TN.

4 G 2 CAuborn Bettes married Martha Wilkenson, lives near Lebanon.Has several children and Harriet Woolard (?).

4 G 3 CMary Bettes married James Chapman, TN, left 1 girl, married and lived in Illinois.

4 G 4 CNancy Bettes married Ed Clemmons, TN, died and left 2 sons.

4 G 5 CMoses Bettes married Eliza Hope, TN., lives in TX.

4 G 6 CRichard Bettes married Margaret and Mary J. Perkins, lives in Wilson Co., TN.

4 G 7 CSusan Bettes married James Johnson, lives in Wilson Co., TN.

4 G 8 CMitchell Bettes married Irene Bradbury, lives in TX.

4 G 9 CJoseph Bettes, married, died at Chattanooga, TN in the Confederate Army.


3 G 6 CJohn Maxey Goldston, born near Lebanon 6/14/1809, died in Lebanon 7/4/1892.He was married to Louise Stovall on 12/1/1830, 9 children:

4 G 1 CWilliam Turner Goldston, born 9/14/1831, died 9/1/1904, married Martha Ann Allen, born 1839, died 1874, married in 1857.She was the daughter of Col. J. H. Allen.They are buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Lebanon , TN.

4 G 2 CElizabeth C. Goldston, born 2/26/1836, died 1/28/1916.

4 G 3 CMajor Andre Goldston, Jr.(?), born 3/14/1845, died 4/4/1924.

4 G 4 CJohn Maxey Goldston, Jr., born 10/1/1859, died 10/21/1935.

4 G 5 CJames B. Goldston, born 10/2/1834, died in infancy.

4 G 6 CEmily Goldston, born 5/1838, died in infancy.

4 G 7 CSarah Goldston died in infancy.

4 G 8 CLouise Goldston, born 1/23/1851, died in infancy.

4 G 9 CJohnnie Goldston, born 8/12/1853, died in 1855,








William Turner and Martha Allen’s children:

5 G 1 CMary Louise Goldston married Henry Smith, died 1/1921.

5 G 2 CClara Eugenia Goldston, married Mack Johnson, lives in San Antonio, TX.

5 G 3 CIda Dixon Goldston married Walter Cartmell, died about 3 years ago before this original writing in Lebanon.

5 G 4 C Kate Allen Goldston married Ben Bradshaw, lives in Lebanon, TN.

5 G 5 CJack Goldston married Emma Geers, died 4/1/1918 in Lebanon, TN.

Elizabeth C. Goldston and Jim Jolley’s children:

5 G 1 CEmma Goldston Jolley, married Will Lane, died a good many years ago.

5 G 2 CWillie Jolley, died several years ago in New Mexio.

5 G 3 CJimmie Jolley, died when quite young.

5 G 4 CJack Jolley, died several years ago.

5 G 5 CKate Jolley, married a Mr. Reed, died many yeas ago.

5 G 6 CMamie Jolley, married Barter Carlos, died about 17 years ago, prior to the original writingin Lebanon, TN.

5 G 7 CLucy Jolley, died quite young.Three children died in infancy.

Major Andre Goldston first married Mrs. Jennie Cox Graves.She passed away about 40 years ago and they had no children.He later married Mrs. Henrietta Bond who died in 1919.

John Maxey Goldston, Jr., married Mrs. Flora Nimo Wright on 5/3/1892, who lives in Hillsboro, TX.Their family:

5 G 1 CWilliam M. Goldston, married Sue E. Davis, live Corpus Christi, TX, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Billie Sue Goldston, married Davis Mayfield, Jr., live in Corpus Christi, TX, 2 children:

7 G 1 CSuzanna Mayfield born 8/15/1943.

7 G 2 CMarjorie Mayfield, born 1/17/1946.

6 G 2 C James Maxey Goldston, married Eleanor Alexander, live in Corpus Christi, TX, 1 child:

7 G 1 CWilliam Frank Goldston, born 1/17/1947.

5 G 2 C Martha Lou Goldston, married Walter L. Hull, Sr.Mr. Hull passed away in 1941.Sue (?) lives in Hillsboro, TX, 1 child.

6 G 1 C Walter L. Hull, Jr., married Mary Frlances Russell, live in Dallas, TX, but are now residing in Philadelphia, Pa., while in Navy, 1 child:

7 G 1 C Janet Lynn Hull, born 1/19/1951.

5 G 3 CGranville Nimmo Goldston, married Fay Carpenter, live in San Angelo, TX, where he is pastor of Central Christian Church, 2 children:

6 G 1 C Donald N. Goldston, born 12/22/1931.

6 G 2 C Harriett Goldston, born 12/19/1936.

5 G 4 CCora Sue Goldston, married Dr. Lowell H. Leberman, have a hospital in Commerce, TX, 1 child:

6 G 1 C Lowell Henri Leberman, Jr., born 4/26/19939.


Mary and Lamberth L. Sypert’s children:

4 G 1 CMinerva Sypert, married Henry Johnson, lived in Lebanon, died without issue.

4 G 2 CWilliam Sypert married Permelia Perry, native TN, lives in TX, has several children.

4 G 3 CEliza Sypert, married Dr. Jno. B. Hays, TN, lived and died in Lebanon.

4 G 4 CMay Sypert married Dr. J. M. Anderson, live Lebanon, TN.

4 G 5 CMary Jane Sypert married E. Bird Drake, TN, died soon after marrying, no issue.







Nancy Smith’s children;

4 G 1 CJas. H. Smith, native TN, lives in Brownsville, TN.

4 G 2 CA sister, lives in Haywood Co., TN.

4 G 3 C Charles G. Smith, married _____ Johnson, native TN, Chancellor 6th Division TN, lives in Clarksville, TN.

4 G 4 CArthur F. Smith, native TN, live in Haywood County, TN.



The writer, Herbert J. Goldston, finds among the real estate records of Wilson County, TN, a deed to John Goldston from Charles Hodges in 1805.This indicates he moved there prior to that time.Also there are several real estate recordings by him and Charles Goldston, Jr., (born 1794, married 1814 to Elizabeth Neal in Lebanon, TN., according to marriage records there) and their children afterward.


Between the years of 1807 and 1809 there is a deed between David Goldston and William Lythe. This David Goldston is not recorded in this diary of Major Andre Goldston.


I have found no positive records to agree or disagree with John Maxey Goldston, Jr., that the Goldston Family in Chatham County were originally from Scotland and that Charles and William Goldston changed their name from “Gholson” to “Goldston” and John Gholson and family remained the same.However, among the first records of Charles, William and John (this may have been Charles’ son instead of his brother) in Chatham County, their records were spelled “Goldston”.


Other times thereafter, I found spelling of Gholson, Goaldson, Gulson, Gouldson, but no record of Gholson.However, it was not unusual back in that time for family names to be variously spelled due to misspelling and fault of copying correct names from time to time.It has been our general opinion, as I have often heard my father say, that the Goldstons originally came from Scotland.


Grace Green Tysor, Rt. 3, Bear Creek, NC, whose Great Grandfather Joseph John Goldston (born 1800) and her grandfather and mother having lived on his plantation after his death, has in her possession an old history book of Scotland and judging by the type of print, etc., must be around 200 years old.It is possible this originally belonged to William Goldston and he brought it with him when he first came to this country.


To find some records of proof that Mr. and Mrs. John Maxey Goldston were mistaken in stating that Charles, William and John came directly from Scotland and settled in Chatham County, NC, and did not originate from the family already over here, I have spent much time in checking all Goldston, Gouldston, Gholson, and Golsons.I have been able to find so far in this state and Virginia, especially prior to 1800, records not necessary to bring in at this time since received the following history from Margaret Johnson.This search, however, being very incomplete, this week, 9/11/1955, Margaret Gholson Johnson, 2607 Elm St., Cairo, Ill., came to my rescue by receiving from her a book of the Gholson History by her cousin, Virginia Baker Mitchell of Dallas, TX.Also she sent along some other notes, etc., showing how she established her facts.


Margaret writes: “Virginia gave up her time and money to go to many states to get first-hand information about this Gholson family and she did this from 1945 to 1949 when she died very suddenly.Virginia’s husband, Harold Mitchell, hired a trained genealogist to edit the history as a memorial to Virginia.He placed them in public libraries.”


She did a wonderful job and it is the most complete history on the Gholson’s and allied families as yet I have seen. After reading it, I could not help but feel how much time I have wasted.


She names “Anthony Gholson, estimated birth 1684-87, died 1764.He married Jane ?.King George, II, issued under Gov. William Gooch a grant to Anthony Gholson Sep. 28, 1728, on Terry’s Run in Spotsville County, VA (Land Patent Book # B:441) and on same time also a grant of another 1000 acres on Terry Run to his sons William and Anthony.







Children of Anthony were:William, married Susanna Collins, lived in Spots County, VA.Living with his son 1790, believed to have died shortly after that time.This was the family I was anxious to find.Among his children are no Charles, but John and William.John born 1740, officer in Company H at Battle of Guat (?) Meadows, 1754.Nothing further is known of him.William, born 1753, married Polly (Mary) Jorrell.


Records show that William J. Gholson was in the Revolutionary War in Virginia and received land grant in Kentucky.In 1884, shows he received a pension, his residence being Caldwell Co., KY.He died there in 1/2/1837.He was born around 1758, so it seems our William and Charles could not be in this family.


The second son of Anthony was Anthony II.He last lived and died in Halifax County, VA.Estimated birth 1708, died 1779 leaving a will and naming his children… no sons by the name of Charles and William, but John, being the 3rd child, born around 1752, lived in Wilson County, GA, after the Revolutionary War, married Ann Pettis.Sold land there around 1790 and believed moved back and lived with his mother after his father’s death.


Joseph, 7th child, born around 1760 lived in and around Halifax, VA.He was killed in 1808 as shown by will of inquest of that county.


The 5th child and youngest son of the three, show of Anthony first, was John (?).Estimated birth 1713, married Esther Cook.They lived in Orange County, VA.A will proved there in 1790 naming two sons and three daughters.John, 3rd, married 11/25/1770 (see Douglas Register) to Frances Stryman (or Tourman) and had a daughter Lucy, born 2/2/1771, and a son, John 4th, of North Carolina.


Gholsons in NC near Raleigh claim descendants from Charles 4th, son of John 3rd, who came from Virginia after the Revolutionary War.Of this John, they are confused as to whether he came from “Scotland” as many residents near him did, or, through Virginia descendants of Charles 4th; they say he had at least two brothers, namely, William 4th and John 4th G.


The writer, Herbert J. Goldston, observes this as being the first “Charles” mentioned in this family while Virginia Mitchell’s history shows him to be the son of John 3rd.She does not list him in above as one of John 3rd’s children.Virginia Mitchell further states in her history “Charles 4th lived and died in Chatham County, NC, and according to his descendants, Mrs. W. L. Hull had a son John 5th Goldston who changed the spelling of their names from Gholson to Goldston.


John Goldston 5th, son of Charles 4th (John 3rd, John and Anthony 1st)… she did not find John 3rd Goldston’s will naming his children, therefore placed Charles 4th as being his child also William (?).If this had been correct, these sons would have been too young for our Charles and William who lived in Chatham County, since as shown above, he married in 1770.The writer has found John 3 rd Goldston’s will recorded in Franklin County, Book 156, dated Nov. 19, 1799.He left all of his property to his wife and children.The children and mother deeded this property to Ishem Fox.


The will showed his children to be:Benjamin Gholson, married to Sarah Andrews 10/15/1910, according to bonds in Granville County, 2nd child being Polly Gholson, Lucy Gholson (she died prior to 1811 and left a will showing her father and mother to be John and Frances, 4th child John Gholson and 5th, Thomas Gholson.


So, while we find no proof of connections of our Goldstons in Chatham County, we must not forget the possibilities of the Virginia Gholsons (having married twice without records of family), so far, that would connect them.So until then, we have no further proof than Mr. and Mrs. John Maxey Goldston, Jr., that they came direct from Scotland here.


The Gholsons referred to in Virginia Mitchell’s history as being near Raleigh, no doubt, are Anthony Gholson’s family at Henderson, NC.Evidently, I am sorry to say, she did not come across our family at Goldston, NC.








The writer finds among the records in the Archives Building in Raleigh, NC, in the Revolutionary War Records, voucher # 5387 being in the State Auditor’s Office, Hillsborough District, dated Aug. 6, 1782, to Charles Goldston.Real estate records of Randolph County, NC, show a grant of land 640 acres to Charles Goldston and William Searcy dated 1784, this land being located on Deep River in the southeast corner of Randolph County, adjoining the Chatham County line and Cumberland County line (now Moore County), also adjoining land already owned by Charles Goldston.I have found no record to Charles Goldston for this tract of land, but according to old settlers there is an old Goldston place there partly in the above three counties.Moore County has old records since their original court house and records were burned.On a part of this land in Randolph County and on Deep River is where later Thomas Goldston lived and died and he is buried there.On his grave is a maker “B 1776 D 1840”.


On this land may have been where Charles and his brothers first settled.In this area there were many scrimmages and battles between David Fanning and patriots, since his hide out was at Cross Hill, a short distance northeast of what is now Carthage.It was a short distance down the river east of Charles Goldston’s place where Col. Philip Auston lived and there the battle between he and his band against David Fanning took place.This old Auston home still stands with bullet holes through its walls.It is now being restored by the Moore County Historical Society.In the old history book of Revolutionary Incidents, published in 1843, which the writer now has in his possession, states that Col. Golson killed Col. Walker in April, 1782 (Walker was Fanning’s right hand man).We hope as Col. Golson descendants are still living, some in that region and some in the West, the circumstances will be more fully brought to light and the transaction will be fairly represented.This fight took place while Fanning’s men were crossing Deep River above what is now Howard’s Mill at, or near, the old Goldston farm.


Colonial records (State) volume # 22, page 213, David Fanning writes: “Jan. 7, 1782, at Little River, NC, I heard of a Captain Golson who had been distressing the Loyalist and went in search of him myself; I did not meet him.I went with a desire of burning Captain Golson’s house, which I did, also 2 others.”(This could have been, however, all the brothers).Also, there are other references in the Colonial Records including again, Fanning wrote on Sunday, Feb. 10th, 1782, “That I came to terms of peace with Captain Golson and Captain Hinds.”


Charles Goldstone was among 350 others who signed a petition addressed to the Governor-- Colonial Records, Volume # 8, page 735.


Charles Goldston owned 2 tracts of land, 200 acres each, located on the east side of Haw River adjoining or near the old Hillsborough and Fayetteville highway.This I believe being a short distance up Haw River from the present bridge at Bynum.


On September 21, 1795, Charles Goldston sold his right and deed to the mill on Haw River to John Farrington.Again, on the 12th day of March, 1797, Charles sold to William Lamberth (I believe his son-in-law) all his household furniture and stock, including 2 land grants of 200 acres each, proven November Term, 1797, by oath of Samuel Upchurch.In August, 1801, William Lamberth sold both 200 tracts to Benjamin Watson and in a 175 acre tract from him to Thomas Eubanks.It defines a line to a post oak, to a branch called Goldston’s Spring Branch.Charles Goldston sold his half of 640 acres in Randolph County to William Argo, prior to 1799.


According to the Federal Census of 1800, Charles Goldston was living in Chatham County.It is assumed that Charles Goldston’s wife died before or around 1797.Afterwards, he sold his household and stock to his son-in-law, William Lamberth, and lived with (him) until he died a short time after 1800.


Around 1804, William Lamberth sold his land and with Charles’s entire family, moved to central TN, east of Nashville, near Andrew Jackson’s home.


The first Federal Census in 1790 showed Charles Golson living in Chatham County with two sons over sixteen and two sons under sixteen and five daughters.Also, William Golston, living in Chatham County with one son under sixteen (this being Thomas, born 1776) and four daughters.Also, John Goldston living in Moore County (this could have been a brother or Charles’ son, and his home could have been on Deep River on that part of the Goldston’s place in Moore County).It shows only one daughter.Note:Supposed to be three brothers, all names being spelled a little different with John’s being spelled Goldston.




In the Revolutionary War Records Archives in Raleigh, NC, in the Auditor’s Office dated June 28, 1781, Hillsborough District show voucher # 268 to John Golson.Also same district dated Aug. 6, 1782, voucher # 511 to John Golson.John J. Goldston bought James Horn’s 160 acres on both sides of Beaver Creek, this being located east of New Hope near Wake County line.He sold this in 1799 to Amistead Anthoney and I presume he moved to east Tennessee near Knoxville.


In estimating the ages of Charles, William and John by First Federal Census, we must bear in mind that though they are given to be 1790, in many cases they were taken sometime before that date.By the size of the families Charles must have been the oldest, born prior to 1740, William born a few years later.John may have married late or may have been Charles’ son.


This history is not perfect, there are unfortunately, errors, or which cannot be helped but it is hoped that we will hear from those who know better and have more facts on the older generations.With this help by the next Goldston Reunion in 1956, we will have a more complete and perfect history and have a copy filed in Archives in Raleigh and Library of Congress in Washington, DC.




This should have followed Major Andre Goldston’s history, but failed to receive it in time.This was mailed by Laris McDonald Goldston, 1934 McCalla Ave., Knoxville, TN.I tried to contact him this summer when I was there, but missed him.He called recently from Knoxville and advised he was mailing a copy of his family history.I am not sure of this family’s connection, but hope to establish it later.He writes that he has copied from his grandfather’s Bible the list of his children, his grandfather being Wiley L. Goldston and 1st wife Miss Balew.

  1. Amanda Goldston – Sam Honeycutt
  2. Adaline Goldston, age 76, Larz Pearson
  3. Christopher Columbus Goldston (give wife’s name later)
  4. Mack Donald Goldston – 11/27/60Manda Norman
  5. John Goldston – no record, went out West.
  6. Calvin Goldston – no record, went out West.
  7. Riley Goldston – no record, went out West.


Wiley L. Goldston’s 2nd wife, Nancy Sturgus.

8.Mary A. Goldston – 3/13/63 – William Kitrell.

9.Martha Goldston 3/13/63.

10.Sarah E. Goldston – 10/27/64 – John Ashley

11.William Horace Goldston – 9/29/65 – Florence Childress.

12. Larkin Snow Goldston – 3/9/67 – Kate Moore

13.James Sturgus Goldston – 4/20/68- Maggie Moore.

14.Annie L. Goldston – 7/10/69Dave Walker

15.Reubin Goldston – 12/18/70- Martha Taylor

16.Fredrick Goldston – 8/18/72 – Nannie Childress.

17. Wiley Albert Goldston 8/23/76 – Lue Keston


At present we do not have families of any of these children except # 13 as follows:

James Sturgus Goldston married Maggie Moore, live at Oakdale, TN, 11 children:

1.        Laris McDonald Goldston 12/8/93 – Myrtle Imogene Roberts.

2.        Gilbert Goldston – 3/4/95 deceased.

3.        Grace Goldston 3/27/97 – William Vaughn, life Somerset, KY.

4.        Reubin Goldston 8/7/99 – Nellie McCasitt, live Chattanooga, TN.

5.        Ernest Gilbert Goldston 10/28/01 – Pauline Pemerton, live Oakland, CA.

6.        Robert Furnam Goldston 8/31/03- Hazel Vitio.







7.        Dorothy Goldston 9/26/05 – Clarence Bolser, live Cincinnati, Ohio.

8.        William Delk Goldston 6/10/08 deceased.

9.        Benguim Hooper Goldston 7/29/10, live Atlanta GA.

10.     Lesley May Goldston 5/20/12- Claude Wyrick, life Suffolk, VA.

11.     Mary Helen Goldston 5/27/19- Howard Rose, live Cincinnati, Ohio.


There is a possibility this family originate from John Goldston, Chatham Co., NC, who went west to east TN around 1800, brother to Charles and William, as Major Andre Goldston’s history refers to his family as having a son named “Rubin”.


SIGNED:H. J. Goldston (who lived at 538 Sunset Drive, Sanford, NC)


(The information contained within this genealogy, while very old, is hopefully as accurate as possible for the time.Should anyone have further information, or additional knowledge concerning this family, we encourage your input.As well, any corrections are encouraged.Thank you.)


A heartfelt appreciation most assuredly goes out to Mr. Allan Martin Goldston for his fine work on the recopying of this genealogy, along with several additions he has placed throughout.Without him, this work would not be available.As well, thanks is heartily given to Mr. Mark Askins of Goldston, NC who has joyously agreed to post the family history on the website for every interested party to see and copy.Thanks guys.Kris Goldston-Gallegos, who owns a copy of the original history.
































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