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The Goldston Family Coat of Arms

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Coat of Arms

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Goldston Family History
by Herbert J. Goldston

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Goldston Family Reunion 2002

African American Goldstons of Southeastern Tennessee (with roots in North Carolina)

Burke's Heraldy

Goldston:  Gules on a chevron between three saltires argent an annulet sable

Crest:  A minerva's head proper.

No Motto.


The distinguished, old family of Goldston, or Goldstone, was known for many generations in England before being known in America.  The Coat of Arms was granted prior to the seventeenth century and bears no motto, as these had not come into use generally until a later date.  The ancestral seat was first in Shropshire County, England.  The Minerva's head for a crest indicated qualities such as the Roman goddesses possessed, which were wisdom, learning, knowledge of the arts and war.  The shield bears the saltires, which were a type of cross known as the St. Andrew's Cross.  They were given to one who fought for freedom or religon or who had been distinguished in the crusades to the Holy Land.  The annulet on the chevron represented the orginal wedding ring and indicated a close family relationship.  The chevron represented the orginal home and denoted protection.  It was used as a symbol by the knighthood for protecting the homeland and for rank and honor.


Gules (red) represented 'a burning desire to fight for God and Country'

Argent (Silver) is for purity and constancy

Sable (black) represented dignity and sobriety.

Proper is the term used to describe the natural colors of an object

The leaves around the shield are used for decoration purposes only and bear no special significance.

This information was given to me by Kris Goldston-Gallegos.

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