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The Goldston Family of Goldston, NC.

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Goldston Family History
by Herbert J. Goldston

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Goldston Family Reunion 2002

African American Goldstons of Southeastern Tennessee (with roots in North Carolina)

     All of the Goldston who were reared in the vicinity of the town of Goldston wer the descendants of the late John Jackson Goldston who lived on Bear Creek, a little more than a mile from the present town of Goldston. His wife was Martha K. Rives, Daughter of Edwards Revies and Mary Ann Alston, Daughter of William Alston.

     Edwards Rives was sheriff of Chatham Country at one time, and his wife's father was clerk of the court of Chatham County during the Revolutionary War. I do not konw when the Goldston's first came to Chatham county, but the Rives came to this county from Virginia soon after the Revolutionary War, having come to Virginia from England about fifty years after the English settled at Jamestown.

     The children of John Jackson Goldston and his wife(famillary know as "Aunt Patsy Goldston"), were as follows:

Edwards Goldston(Presumably named for his grandfather, Edwards Rives.
     He drowned while swinning in Bear Creek, when he was but a young man.
Joseph John Goldston
Thomas Jefferson Goldston
Andrew Jackson Goldston
Miss Sarah Goldston
Miss Mary Goldston

      Miss Sarah, or Sallie, married Mr. Foust, and was the mother of Mrs. L.F. Paschal and Mrs. T.M. Bynum; Two of her sons were John M. Foust of Mt. Vernon Springs, and Thomas Foust of Winston-Salem.

     Miss Mary Goldston married Mr. Marion Green of Beaumount, N.C. The afterward moved to Randolph County. Mrs. Foust was also the mother of Mrs F.C. Watson

     Joseph John Goldston, who was born in 1825 and died in 1913, married first, Miss Eliza Watson; secondly, Miss Virginia Bynum. Children of the first marriage were:

John W. Goldston
James E. Goldston
Walter L. Goldston
Dr. T.H. Goldston
Emma Goldston who married T.W. Moses
Sallie Goldston, who married Dr. W.M. Burns
Josie Goldston who married Jarvis Rives

     Thomas Jefferson Goldston was born 1828 and died 1898. His wife was Miss Guthrie, daughter of the later German Guthrie, and his second wife was Miss Anne Eliza Guthrie (Mrs. Edward Harris), sister of the first wife. Children of the first marriage were:

William E. Goldston
Joseph G. Goldston
Paul Goldston
Edgar Goldston
Miss Mollie, who married Robert Murchison of Fayetteville
Patsy married George Frasier of Gulf
Florence married E.A. Rives of Greensboro
Lizzie married J.A. Harris of Chatham County
Roberta married Mr. Dalton of Winston-Salem

     Andrew Jackson Goldston was born in 1835 and died in 1893. His wfe was Catherine(Kate) Rives, a distant relative, who was reared in Mississippi. She was visiting in North Carolina and Cousin Jack induced her to remain in North Carolina. The children of Andrew Jackson Goldston were:

Edward M. Goldston, Robert Lee Goldston,Hugh Peoples Goldston. The Daugthers were Sallie(Sank) Goldston, who married Thomas R. Green of Beaumont, Chatham County. Mary married W.P. Kirkman, and Low married N.T. Maxwell.

     The three sons of John Jackson Goldston mentioned above, all lived in the vicinity of what is now the town of Goldston. They were farmers and large landowners, and were honorable and highly respected citizens.

     Joeseph John Goldston formerly owned the land on which most of the town of Goldston is built, including all the chruches, the depot, and all the business houses, and most of the dwellings. He donated the land on the depot was built and also the land on which the Methodist Church was built and the old Parsonage. He was largely responsible in having the depot and the post office established here; hence the town was named in honor of him.

     The above facts were written by George E. Rives, mostly from memory and personal knowledge of the Goldston Family, prior to the Goldston Reunion, held July 23, 1950

If would like to add to this history please send factual information, and or pictures to Mark Askins, great great great grandson of Joeseph John Goldston.

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